Misc Updates / Bug Fixes - 5/28/15

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  1. Hello, another round of changes and fixes tonight. However, I've done some MAJOR internal backend work to our command system in preparation of being able to finally fix the /res command code (since chickens now on break and hes really doing a lot of work on Residence, I needed to get this work done for him)

    So, there is an elevated chance of bugs with commands but so far everything appears to still be working. Some error messages may of changed format now.

    I'm working to improve how we create commands and automate more of the repeated code and syntax checking...

    This update also contains a major code update from chicken to rework a ton of Residence internals, so there could be a chance for bugs there too. Chickens doing a lot of code improvements to Residence at this time to prepare for some new features!

    Please report issues with Residence to me still so I can quickly fix it.


    • Significant work to the Command System - please report bugs to Aikar asap!
    • Big refactor of Residence code to improve configuration of the code. Please report bugs to Aikar and Chicken asap!
    • /diff # can now be used to quickly set your difficulty as a shortcut to Player Settings
    • 16 Character long names should now work fine on all signs. If you have a sign with a truncated name to 15 characters, please replace it with the full 16 character name! We don't want to keep the 15 char name support around forever, so it will be removed one day.
    • Trees may now grow on edge of residence, and also onto neighbor residence above 127 _IF_ you have admin flag on the other residence. For example, a tree growing on PlayerA's res can grow into PlayerB if PlayerB res has +admin for PlayerA. If the tree does not have permission, or grows into road, it will no longer be fully cancelled, and will simply grow on the blocks its allowed to only.
    • Monument spawning should be fully fixed. Vanilla has a bug that makes monuments spawn in the wrong locations on Pre 1.8 worlds, which is now fixed on EMC.
    • Messages that appear to be related to economy/buying/selling in Town chat are now automatically sent to Economy Chat. Intentionally trying to bypass this to force something into Town chat that SHOULD be in Economy Chat will be considered disruptive chat which is against the rules and will get you muted. Please PM false positives to me.
    • Messages containing links to the Wiki will now be shortened to the wiki.emc.gs version
    • Messages containing links to a forum thread will now be shortened to the emc.gs/t/ version
    • Mail and Vault commands can now be used while in the Outpost areas
    • Beacons in Town will now only affect their own Res. Neighbors Beacons will no longer give you buffs.
    Thats it!
  2. Sweet nice to know what works and what doesn't! :D
    Also is it possible to set the beacons to where it only affects the owner's reses? For instance if I have 2 reses but 1 beacon on 1 res is it possible to have it affect my other res?
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  3. Crazy awesome work, Aikar! Thank you. Love the outpost vault and mail, btw.

    Sorry, I meant Aikar and chickneer. Thank you both!
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  4. Really excited to get these changes out with Residence stuff. Critically important there is not bugs in them, so also trying not to rush it. Lots of cool things to come in the near future.
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  5. That would be easy since just did the same thing for trees.
  6. Awesome.
  7. while we are at it, we better do the same for sponges.
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  8. Can you also add it so if you have a res owned by the same person, you can type in a command to combine the res message, so you don't get res message spam, for example, 2000 when you walk from one res to the other at the teleporters. "Also add a option for SS to come and add a res to it if you have an alt that you would like to add". Just something i have wanted for res Messages for a long time, as well as others that have reses in groups, it will also clean up chat.
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  9. Can you make it to where beacons still affect you if you have admin on/own the res within the affect radius of a beacon?
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  10. Can you make it so that [redacted by staff] and code the [redacted by staff] to use when [redacted by staff]?
    You know what I'm talking about =P
  11. What do you mean by: "Mail and Vault commands can now be used while in the Outpost areas"? Where are the Outpost areas? Not our established Outposts, right?
  12. i am lost :p
  13. In the Empire protected outposts. Like when you type /waste n or so.
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  14. Thanks, Aikar. I love the beacon change and the Economy Chat change in particular. No more "Selling dirt!" spam! :D
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  15. Probably my favorite mini-update of all time. :D
  16. Autoshorten... thank god... yes... all hail Aikar...
  17. Love this :) Thanks
  18. Nooooooooooooooooo .... :( could you please make an option to turn this off or on? I've got 4 resses in a square, and put some beacons in the centre, to give all the resses some buffs. This will now not work, so I'd need 9 more beacons and a ...ton of iron blocks... :/
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  19. If you put the beacons in the road (senior staff service) you will be fine. :)
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