Misc Updates / Bug Fixes - 6/2/15

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  1. Few changes going out

    • Item Frames will no longer pop items out when hit, instead it goes directly to your inventory
    • Item Frames are now protected against players who have build but not container breaking the block it was on knocking it off
    • Fixed Permission defaults for Residences, so you don't need to manually set some flags like flow and piston
    • Fire Enchants now work in Town
    • Fixed /res command (no args) listing your Residences
  2. Wasteland is broken on smp1. /waste command does not move you to waste.

    edit: servers are rebooting
  3. im stuck in the waste and cant get onto the spawn it says i don't have permission to enter here
  4. Should be fixed now.
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  5. Doh sorry about that... my primary non staff test account still has SOME overrides which made that get missed... Had to load EMCBot onto dev to test it lol.

    But should be good now. Were doing some major changes to Residence to prepare for some big new features and improving the code. So please bear with us through these bugs as we get the code where we need it.
  6. Anytime, whenever theres update bugs, i try to report them asap.Can you give any input on villagers and their farming abilities. Auto-farms do not work very well or at all. And some villagers appear to be trained on villagers in other res's. Assuming your res update/changes may address those concerns.
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  7. auto farms are due to hopper speed right? thatll be addressed soon. As for villagers on other res I dont think we can do anything about that.
  8. Well at 2304 and 1818. There are 2 types of automatic farms based on farming villagers. They either don't work at all or function at a level not even worth building. According to Eviltoade the Res 1818 design works amazingly on single player however on EMC. The villagers stay on one side and do not run around replanting anything. At Res 2304, the villagers replant only after I manually pick the crop. 1.8 Villager AI should automatically pick the crop.

    I am unsure how to explain it further or how to remedy the problems. We refer to them as lazy villagers

  9. Villagers will attempt to interact with any tilled land 1 step up or down within 16 blocks away. it can be through walls, so be sure to give your farms a fair amount of distance.

    Villagers will attempt to interact with other villagers found near by and if there is more than one, they may see those other villagers as a "village", in that case they will only plant inside the village.

    Villagers will not harvest if they have enough food.

    Villagers will almost always replant if they can.

    Wheat is easier to keep a villager farming because you can fill up all 8 of their inventory slots with seeds and as long as they don't get a whole stack taken away, they will continue to replant and harvest. If they swap out seeds for wheat though, they will break.

    Potato and Carrot require a hungry villager out of reach to attempt to throw food to so that they are never full and continue to harvest. Villagers are very likely to catch their own thrown items though on EMC, so the empty process is challenging. Fence gates don't seem to work well. use plenty of hoppers and keeping the hungry villager just above head level(on carpet) and 1 over works well.

    I have a productive stack of 7 wheat farms at /v kevmeup 2 on utopia if you want to see.

    I don't have any of the others setup because I'm waiting to see if Aikar enforces the 12 block distance requirement for them to farm in town like it is in the frontier. Right now town farmers will farm as long as you can see them and in the frontier you have to be 12 blocks. If you need to be within 12 blocks, then a 29x29 potato/carrot farm will stop working.

    Bonemeal powered nano farms are a nice option, I've got a stack of 4 at my skel farm. If you put the planting villager in a minecart, they will farm from the full view distance and you can go about your business while they spend all your bonemeal.
  10. Sweet JustinGuy! FINALLY!
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  11. Yes. Carrot, potato, and bread auto farms rely on the hopper grabbing the food item the farmer throws to the non farmer before the non farmer grabs them. These farms are currently totally broken right now.

    The wheat farms do not directly rely on the hoppers grabbing the wheat before another villager does but the hopper cart system under the farm does rely on picking up all the dropped wheat and seeds quickly before they move around from grouping when farmers break other wheat. I have two 18 X 18 wheat farms... I have a rail system under each with one hopper cart per farm that collected everything with no problems. Productivity on that farm has gone way down since the hopper change. My alternative to the two hopper carts is to put 648 hoppers under the farms for item collection to bring my farm's productivity back to where it was.

    I know some people that have 60 X 60 guardian farms that use the hopper cart railing system with less than a dozen carts to collect the items... Same issue there... Productivity has collapsed. It would take 3600 hoppers to cover the bottom area of one of those farms to bring the productivity back up and I have heard some are thinking of doing that if the hopper cart system doesn't work anymore.

    As far as villages on other res's... If there is a village on the next res over from you then farmers will stand against the wall or edge closest to that village apparently trying to get there. I seen this first hand... I had a village with 30 doors in one building for pre 1.8 villager reproduction. When I first built the wheat farms my villagers were against the wall closest to the other res not working much on the farm. I knocked out all the doors to the village I had and all the farmers finally went to working the entire farm so yes... villages near those type of farms will affect them.

    Thank you for your attention.
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  12. the item frame feature is wonderful. i thought i lost a dragon stone once took me a while to find it, so thank you !
  13. Cool updates and fixes :)
  14. Aikar! Item frames are magnificent now thank you so much :)

    you should try some other designs Breezy as i have Potato and Carrot farms running at my outpost just fine, they are not as fast as single player but nothing on a server is. they have flowing water under the hungry villager that leads to a hopper.
  15. Great update. Definitely going to help. :D
  16. Are you sure about that, that would be extreme bad. i always expected the replant as long it's in loaded chunk size. That way a farm is useless. and food is already more important in frontier. I think villagers need to be excluded soem way from that rule.

    At the other side, i gte the idea the work also fine if am further away. But the distances to keep lag low are anyway problematic and make frontier problematic and slow if this rule is the same for iron farms etc. WHeat and iron farms just need to start working when it's in loaded chunk.
  17. I have tried several designs and found the hopper method was the best. Minimul amount of hoppers to achieve it too. (Works even better if you have the entire build (9X9 standard farm) in one chunk like I have them now) Is the design you have stackable like the auto village hopper types are? And the farms, "as was" before the hopper change, worked just as well on the server as they do in single player.
  18. One an up note... Yes Aikar... Thank you for these other feature enhancements. I do like having the item from an item frame back in my inventory instead of trying to find where it landed. That is great. I hated trying to take items out of a frame when others were around me especially like pulling an ore buster off display and not being able to find where it landed. :p Again... Thanks for all the hard work you and the development staff put into EMC.
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