Surprise: New Frontier Spawns

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  1. New Frontier Spawns!
    Surprise! While most of you were sleeping, B4DMAN5IMON and I crept online to complete the last of the planned Valentine's Day EMC stuff. We changed the frontier spawns to a design created by the Build Team. This includes frontier wilderness spawn, frontier wilderness outposts, and the frontier nether spawn.

    Go check them out and post your screenshots!
  2. Cool! EDIT: Aren't I supposed to say first or something? FIRST:eek:
  3. No, the frontier is not resetting...
  4. Yey! I love them. Will the wastelands be getting redone soon?
  5. Sick! Thanks a ton Krysyy!
  6. caden, lehmaqr, and I were exploring the Wastelands for a Giant Pink Wither..
  7. #Inoticed
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  8. Awesome! They look great =)
  9. End of this month. Finalizing the schematic changes we had to make this week.
  10. Also noticed :]
  11. Nice! Looks really classy. :)
  12. Awesome stuff!
  13. nice one you got everyone so scared lol somany people though this was so fuuny
  14. I love how well you guys blended it in with the Wilderness Environment!

    Thanks :p
  15. looks gooodddd.... thanks
  16. Simon is going around and fixing outposts first....then going back to hit the others.
  17. Looks great! Thank you!
  18. Awesome!
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  19. *gets bothered by how not all of the trapdoors on the lights are oriented the same way*