#emcdevappreciation => Think of a good name & win a price!

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Poll closed Feb 3, 2016.
Yes 11 vote(s) 50.0%
No 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I am a dev? 6 vote(s) 27.3%
I know why the chicken crossed the road! 5 vote(s) 22.7%
  1. Hi gang,

    If you haven't done so already please check out the vote for the best EMC update of 2015 and add your vote!

    Short and simple question: what shall we name the book?

    Come up with an original name, then I'll get a team of experts to look at the results. After we determined the winners you can win a prize. Prizes will be mailed to you to make things easier.

    1st prize => vault voucher, 5,000 rupees and a diamond block.
    2nd prize => stable voucher and a gold block.
    3rd prize => dragon stone fragment and an iron block.

    Donations are accepted I suppose ;)


    Eternal fame (at least during 2016) because your entry will be used for the "EMC update appreciation book" and will also include a reference to you as the one who thought of the name.

    This will run for 1 month so that everyone has a chance to enter.
  2. EMC Uneaten Apple Book
    (Uneaten Apple = Update Appreciation)

    In Updates We Appreciate

    Arigato Updates <3

    Pretty silly titles, i know. But, perhaps their good? I genuinely think their witty and humorous.
  3. And time for a small bump. But instead of a bump we're calling it a status update: I'm already asking some players if they'd like to help me with deciding on the winners.
  4. Book of Souls

    Appreciation 1000
  5. The Index of Makers.
  6. In Devs We Trust

    Roses are red, Devs are blue, o how we love you!

    Developers if the Empire
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  7. More bugs!
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  8. Don't Hate; Appreciate!
    You know.. With the grrrrr! I hate this new marlix moments.

    Update Log
    Idk. Just Stuff and Things.

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  9. The book of code
    The hour of code
    The dev love book

    I can go on forever...
  10. i know u spend most of ur money on beacons (ur an addict! :D) but surely we can get more?

    imma donate 5k + dia block 4 winner, gold block to 2nd winner and iron block 4 3rd. i think thats muuuch cooler b/c it matches supporter status and makes it look official ^.^
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  11. I'm entering but not for the prizes ^_^

    Also good to remember that the title when you sign a book can only be up to 16 characters long.

    Dev. The Legend
    # (I can't remember chickeneers hashtag >_< or any of the others for that mater)

    (some book puns here, sorry I couldn't help myself >_< )
    The DEVinci Code <--- My favorite if I had to pick just one title from all these :p
    Dev's Web
    Angels and Devs
    The DevWhisperer
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  12. Just though of three.
    Dev-Ney Land
    Dev It Felix!
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  13. Ze bump!

    Edit: Meh, forgot to add the contents I wanted to share ;)

    In the mean time I already managed to get a group of players together who are willing to help with the final judging. The group isn't complete yet, as soon as it is I'll share more info (or not) :)
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  14. This is why the Dev crossed the road.
    IDK, just popped into my head because of the poll :p
  15. This is a 'stereo' teaser bump ;) (stereo because I'm bumping the other thread as well)

    First a reminder (spam! :D): there is a poll involved with this contest; please vote if you haven't already:


    As for the teaser...

    This "book contest" and the poll is only the beginning, we have something else in store for you guys as well. Something a little more related to Minecraft and which is bound to get you guys much more involved. But... We're still working out the details and as soon as we have that part done I'll tell you more.

    But this is far from over ;)
  16. The best of 2015
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  17. Heart of EMC
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  18. I will think of one idea, hope I'm not too late, but its the EMC Devindex
  19. If there's bugs, in that special code. Who you gonna call? Team dev team!

    Edit: I know I said Team twice, it fits...
  20. Book of issues.
    Bugs we care about.
    There's always one more bug...
    Smile, tommorow will be worse.
    Bugs, mosquitoes, flies and stuff.
    Book of updates.
    DEVilish bugs...

    the italic titles are to long...
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