Let's Be Friends! Friend System Update - 10/15/15

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  1. Hello everyone! It's finally here. EMC's first ever feature 99% developed on Live Stream! Over the past week or so we've been working on this, and letting everyone watch. If you want to see that, visit: http://hitbox.tv/aikar/videos and watch the videos!

    • Everything mentioned above. Use /fr help to see help.

      Also check Player Settings! 2 New options added to control letting others know your on and allowing others to invite you (You can still send invites if you turn your option off, which many staff will be doing)
    • Added /note to be same as /pnote, and made /note the 'primary'. /pnote still works though.
    • More performance improvements
    • Changed setting to allow Light Updates to occur, should fix random lighting issues.
  2. nice work aikar! loved your streams!

    edit: Dang, Burger King was first
    im gonna eat you someday! you have been warned
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  4. *friends everyone*
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  5. I don't have friends... I crie. Lol JK JK. Neat feature, BTW. Now you need to add a marriage feature for the SMP8ians.
  6. This update should have been called:
  7. Now to find friends!
  8. Woo, great to see this implemented! :)
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  9. This is by far one of the best updates you guys pushed out! Not in terms of awesomeness or such, but in terms of usability. I can't wait to check if these "friend alerts" overrule status messages (which I normally kept off).

    Awesome work you guys!
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  10. What's a friend?
  11. Good stuff!
  12. Friended 3 people already... Wish you could see who was online with /friend. Or can you?
  13. Cool feature
  14. /friend list should show online status, that should be a thing if it's not :eek:
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  15. It has taken me exactly ten seconds to develop a keen addiction for friending. Time to take the rainbows and kittens out of my diet to lower my daily friendship intake. :( But thanks for the fun update! :p
  16. It does not atm from what I have tested.
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