Major Update "Hope Nothing Broke" - 6/17/15

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  1. Hello everyone. The dev team has been hard at work really cranking out some code changes on EMC. A majority of the things we've done aren't directly visible in terms of new features yet (some is though), but overall is building onto the foundation of EMC's code to enable us to create great things.

    We are releasing a major update that changes a lot of code, so there is risk of bugs.

    The most important part of this update is chickeneers new Residence Subflag system. The flag system has received a massive update allowing us to say "give player use flag but only for these certain things". It gives you the players more fine grained control over your Residence. Additionally the update adds new flags in general!

    First I'll summarize the non Res Flag changes, then I'll paste chickens explanation of the sub flag system.

    Not always going to do it but C=Chicken S=Socks
    • Updated us to the latest Spigot 1.8.7. This contains fixes for some issues
      - Player Heads should now persist skin in the vault.
      - Fix sign bug causing some areas to disconnect clients on login
    • Fixed bug where you could be server switched by logging in while on top of the server teleports are at town spawn you used before. (C)
    • Fixed open res's showing up on live map
    • Cleaned up open res's enter/leave messages to not show the -OPEN
    • Many shop sign fixes (C)
    • Residence Door Fixes (C)
    • Fixed bug allowing you to reset a player's pvp timer out of the fight floors
    • Fixed Hopper Minecarts suck in speed
    • Empire Fireworks should now work in Dispensers
    • Added /color alias to /colors as I constantly type that...
    • Require container flag for placing Hoppers, Dispensers and Droppers, to prevent using them to steal items from chests when you do not have container.
    • Added flags: shop, shop:buy, shop:sell, fsign, item: pickup, container:hopper, bucket:empty, bucket:fill, armorstand, beacon, chest, itemframe, rotate, bed, button, door, gate, lever, bonemeal (C)
    • /res info now shows flag state in a color coded fashion (C)
    • Added /deathlog command - use it to see your last deaths for this server without needing to ask staff. (S)
    • Moved many commands to new command system (S)
    • Massive work done to a new internal feature called Residence Timers (not a player feature) (Socks worked with me on this to help define what is needed for Games Server)
    And to describe subflags:

  2. ALSO! Access signs now work with ItemFrames, Armorstand, villagers, and minecartchests/hopper/furnace

    The following shows the layout of the sub-flag structure.
    • admin
    • minecart
      • place (minecartplace)
      • destroy (minecartdestroy)
      • powered (poweredminecart)
      • tnt (tntminecart)
      • hopper (hopperminecart)
      • storage (storageminecart)
    • boat
      • place (boatplace)
      • destroy (boatdestroy)
    • item
      • use (itemuse)
      • drop (dropitems)
    • staticdamage
      • 5
      • 10
      • 20
    • damage
      • fall (falldamage)
    • explode
      • tnt (tnt)
      • creeper (creeper)
    • flow
      • lava (lavaflow)
      • water (waterflow)
    • shop
      • buy
      • sell
    • fsign (feature sign): (with signcodes)
    • item:
      • pickup (requires item:drop)
    • itemframe:
      • rotate
    • container:
      • chest
      • beacon
      • hopper
    • bucket
      • fill
      • empty
    • use
      • button
      • bed
      • lever
      • gate
      • door
  3. Great, This is a major and amazing Update for the server's! I hope everything went as planned and was fixed!
  4. Thanks guys! Great update!
  5. Oh, I also recommend everyone type /res info. next time you are online. I think you are in for a treat :)
  6. Wow, there's been a whopping 111 commits since the last update!
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  7. Chickeneer I do'nt notice anything different...
  8. You didn't notice the nice looking colors or nifty sub flags? :p
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  9. Will be most noticeable on a residence with many flags set.
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  10. /deathlog though <3
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  11. Wow this is an amazing amount of changes. Very cool guys!
    Thank you
  12. Noticing that whenever you log into a server it's showing the res enter message for that res. When I logged into smp3 I even got a message saying I was leaving the res of someone connected to the server whose residence I have never visited before.
  13. I want to hug all three of you right now... I might be getting the sniffles... no no just a cold.
  14. Wow these are some really nice changes! Thanks Aikar, Chickeneer, and Socks!
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  15. thanks aikar for the update.... I love the subflags
  16. Thanks for the hard work guys =)
    Let me just say that these guys are working at incredible speed on things reported. As soon as an issue pops up, they are already thinking of ways to fix and even improve it. Our developer team is powerful.

    Now we are unstoppable! (muahahahahahaha)
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  17. Why the need for damage:fall or explode:creeper?
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  18. How do you use the flag that only allows container or other flags for only specific areas