Misc Updates - 7/3/15 & 7/13/15

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  1. New thread because of cool new stuff!

    As many have seen we have a fancy new Title system to pop up text on users screen. We're trying to apply it to cool things in the Empire and have a few things for it!

    The update also adds a completely new feature (which uses it), Loot Announcements!

    • Added a new "Loot Announcements" system to display what a custom mob dropped to nearby players on death (within 16 blocks). This also will send a title to the user.

      These announcements can be turned off by a Player Setting. Type /ps to turn them off if you wish.
    • Players entering the tutorial gets a multi-part message title letting them know about EMC:
    • MiniBoss "Announcements" now show up as titles as well as chat.
    • Fix some quirks with /v res # error output
    • Fix /home 1 if you for some reason type that
    • Nerf Momentus Speed
    • Enable "Freedom Steaks" from last year for 4th of July Event! This is not all we have in store for 4th of July... but enabling it early.
    • Fix ACCESS/RESTRICT everyone signs
    • Fix bug with ACCESS/RESTRICT/LOCK Signs writing other names on the sign
    • (soon, at the 5am EMC Time auto restart) fix /res message leave
  2. Another fantastic round of additions!
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  3. Noice

    Sweet. That was a tough one sometimes :p
  4. Cool! Now we just have to wait for name changes which I'm assuming is coming Soon™
  5. Reserved for stuff socks broke. :p
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  6. /res message leave will be fixed at the 5am restart.
  7. Is there an estimated release date for name changes as of now?
  8. For the Taste of Freedom steaks.. I wasn't around when they first came out. Do they only drop from naturally spawned cows in the wild?
  9. Yes, they have to be naturally spawned, but they can be found in the wild or waste.
  10. Ooo Okay, Earlier I kill momentus and I wonder why he was as fast as a track star. Thank you for this nerf, VERY much needed :DDD
  11. How come i cant type

    /res set 12731 move t

    As in setting the res flags off the res.
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  12. Use /res set !12731 move t instead. :)
  13. Nice to see we're finally using the titles feature! :)
  14. Awesome update! Looking forward to what you guys do for the 4th of July, too!
  15. Anyone gotten a freedom steak yet?

    Using a Looting III sword out in the Frontier and after several killed cows still no freedom steak.
  16. I have 13 of them, so they're definitely dropping.
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