Misc updates - 8/13/15

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  1. Few small things and some new features!
    • new /direction command - See what direction you're facing
    • added /group buffs - toggles if the group buff perks are able to apply or not, for when you dont want the buffs a group gives.
    • Fixed a bug with tab complete that could cause your client to crash - Bad finch for getting me to do it instead of just telling me >_<
    • Fixed bug with Residence commands sometimes telling you invalid res, such as message commands.
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  2. Lol, finch.

    That means no more trolling nubs like sep? :p
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  3. I've probably crashed due to the bug where it tries to load 336k+ players xD
  4. There are a few suggestions I have for updates, but I'll add those to this post in a few minutes.
  5. This isn't the proper place. Please put in the Suggestions forum.
  6. <3 Finch
  7. Well, you crashed before i could say :p

    I wanted to see if you would do it. haha
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  8. Yay for bug fixes
  9. Ha, ha, this is amazing. Leave it up to EMC to actually out-do Mojang themselves:

    EMC is right; I'm >< close towards 'West' again.
  10. Um, whats the thing about /direction if you already have the f3 screen?
  11. Well:
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  12. Didn't see this thread... Thanks for the updates! :D I like the new direction command :p