300k Members/New Features - 4/25/15

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  1. Hey everyone, got an update to support our 300k member event, as well as some changes I said was coming.

    • Added Event for 300k Members - Loot Party - See details here
    • Fixed PvP arena blocking Fight Floor to Fight Floor teleportation
    • Made PvP arena no longer start the re-entry timer just due to entering
    • Made PvP re-entry timer be set any time you attack or get attacked by someone, meaning if you use teleportation to escape from battle, you can not re-enter. also if you die, you will need to wait 30s to re-enter, adding a slight penalty to dieing in PvP.
    • New Private Res Locations Feature [suggested here]- Simply prefix a res location with a ! and then only people with +admin and the owner can teleport to that location. ex: /res loc add !foo and /home !foo - normal visitors can't use this named TP. /S
    • Changed horse summon logic to check that the area is safe before summon from stable. This also blocks people from using horse summons to glitch through walls. /S
    • Added /firefloor shortcut /S
    • Added ability to specifiy a reason on /pay [name] [reason] which will show up in your rupee logs. [suggested here]
  2. :)

    Thanks for all your hard work!
  3. Great new features!
  4. I'm already happy with the added named locations feature. I resolved it by using the namedtp flag but having a true private location is really useful!

    Thanks a bunch for all the hard work!

    PS: I guess Hashhog will need to find new ways to share his hug vouchers next year ;) (he used the horse glitch to slip me one earlier this year).
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  5. Some great additions!

    I love being able to specify a reason when paying someone, will be easier to keep track of what I'm spending :)
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  6. Thanks for the work on this :)
  7. This is definitely wonderful!

    I was wondering why you didn't come down to visit us from stage. =P I'm very glad about this update!
  8. Very nice. Thanks, Aikar! :D But what's all this stuff... do I sense another mystery developer? :p Eh, probably just staff stuff. XD
    *sniffs haughtily* You vastly underestimate my powers, Shel. Hugs can cross any boundary.
    "Love knows no bounds, even when it should." ~Kephras
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  9. Wohoo! Reasons for paying are here!
  10. Oh, another new developer? ;)
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  11. Awesome! These updates are great!
    I am not getting the payment reasons in my rupee logs (online) but in-game I get the reason.
    Either way, this a great update! ;)
  12. love the rupee feature =P
  13. I just looked at someone elses web site log and I see the reason?

    It's "Payment to <user>: reason"
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  14. Ah. Great new features. I appreciate the hard work the devs do to better the empire. :)
  15. When I type /pay [name] [reason] [amount] I get : 'Invalid amount specified, for help see /help rupees. I get this when I type /r pay [name] [reason] [amount] or /pay [name] [reason] as well.
  16. try
    /pay [name] [amount] [reason]
  17. Great features, especially the private res locations and /firefloor. :p

    However, I have a suggestion/improvement for the payment reason. Say shavingfoam pays me 1r for "test", it'll appear as shown:

    Note that the payment reason is the same color as the player. I suggest that this be changed to a lime green like the rest of the message:

    You just received 1 rupees from shavingfoam: test

    It'll look a little better.

    And another one, regarding the Rupee History. Currently you can only see the reason if you pay other people. However, the reason as to why other players pay you should be shown.

    If someone pays me 750r for "donation to 11217" and I'm offline, I won't see why they paid me and may get it confused with a service I offer that costs 750r.

    This is just an example (probably will never happen) but it's definitely an improvement to see why other players paid you. For information, this is what the current history looks like:

    (The payment from shavingfoam did have a reason included. It's the same payment as shown above.)
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  18. Ya we figured it out lol That worked :)
  19. Thx for another great update