[Suggestion] /firefloor

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/firefloor command

+1 12 vote(s) 92.3%
0 0 vote(s) 0.0%
-1 1 vote(s) 7.7%
  1. This is an extremely simple idea.

    /firefloor - takes you to SMP4. If you're on SMP4, takes you to firefloor. It functions the same as /mobarena and /pvp.

    Mobarena and PvP already have direct commands (/mobarena and /pvp). Why not firefloor? It's a shortcut that I think can help.

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  2. I do not see any reason why not.
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  3. Wow, I just realized both poll options say +1. Oops. :p
  4. I noticed a while ago :p
  5. I say that this should be implemented, should be an easy fix too hopefully :)
  6. One reason: Aikar has a gun to his head and he cannot enter this code or the guy will shoot.

    Gosh, start thinking of other people.[/sarcasm]

    Also, +1.
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  7. Definitely +1. It's been a million times that I've done /PvP, then /firefloor only to see that it doesn't work.
  8. There is no negativity in this thread. Not even in the polls.
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  9. fixed