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Jul 29, 2015
Mar 17, 2013
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High School

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Well-Known Member, Male, from Virginia

Leaving as of 7/11/15. Will not return. Jul 11, 2015

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Jul 29, 2015
    1. Matherox
      I forgot to follow you, but that is now fixed.

      I hope you come back D:
      1. TechNinja_42
        Yeah, you should totally come back and visit :D
        Jul 11, 2015
    2. MrBigBux
      Leaving as of 7/11/15. Will not return.
      1. TechNinja_42
        Best of luck! We'll miss you, have fun
        Jul 11, 2015
      2. Matherox

        I hope you will return :(
        Best of luck
        Jul 11, 2015
    3. MrBigBux
      Working on my utopia residence and making great progress. :)
    4. MrBigBux
      Voting reward of 300 and Gold Membership obtained! :D
    5. MrBigBux
      Again I apologize for all my inactivity. This weekend I plan to make serious progress on my Utopia residence.
      1. jkjkjk182 and TechFilmer like this.
      2. jkjkjk182
        There is nothing wrong with responsibly living your life how you see fit.
        Jan 28, 2015
      3. MrBigBux
        Yeah, I know that. :) I just wish I had time to do all the things I want to do hehe. Unfortunately my time in minecraft got cut with all these college applications and scholarships. Also doesnt help that I am barely passing my math courses so I had to work on that. I am doing fine now and finally have some time to get work done on my residences. :)
        Jan 29, 2015
    6. MrBigBux
      I apologize for all my inactivity. I just have enjoyed playing other games than minecraft recently...
      1. TechFilmer likes this.
    7. MrBigBux
      Just made a Halloween version of my skin. Beware MrSpookyBux >:D
      1. colepuncher likes this.
    8. MrBigBux
      My farm residence has improved like 200% now. Cant wait to see it finished. :)
      1. troop53no and highlancer54 like this.
      2. highlancer54
        How come when I imagined a MrBigBux farm, I imagine liquid gold rivers, diamonds growing from the earth like wheat, lapis drooping out of trees like fruit, and a barn made from redstone and quartz? :-) Good to see ya around!
        Oct 20, 2014
      3. MrBigBux
        Well, you aren't entirely off. You would be spot on if you hadn't forgotten about my emerald geyser. :) #itsgoodtoberich
        Oct 20, 2014
    9. MrBigBux
      I am back and hopefully active. Time to get back to work on my residences. :)
    10. MrBigBux
      Just gained a lot more stone brick and glass. So now I can build more on Utopia. Sorry its taking me so long guys. Life stuff. Enough said.
    11. MrBigBux
      Hmm. I am a little disappointed I didn't get chosen to become a Moderator, but there is always a next time I suppose. :)
      1. tedrocker likes this.
    12. MakeAmericaGreat
      Center your signature nae D:
    13. 607
      I everlasting axestopper spam :o
    14. MrBigBux
      Just finished my new profile picture and signature. :D
      1. 607 and Bro_im_infinite like this.
      2. Bro_im_infinite
        That look snice :) What did you use to make it?
        Aug 12, 2014
      3. 607
        Very snice indeed :)
        Aug 13, 2014
      4. MrBigBux
        I had the ideas for the poses and what to put in it, but my brother cyberazaz101 made it for me. He used Mine-imator and Sumo Paint to make it. :)
        Aug 13, 2014
    15. MrBigBux
      Working towards getting a new profile picture and new signature for this website. Still waiting to see if I become a moderator. :)
    16. MrBigBux
      Just built 3 slot machines on my residence, 5005. Bring diamonds and check it out. :)
    17. MrBigBux
      Buying iday promos. Please send me a message if interested. :)
    18. MrBigBux
      Just got my voting streak to 100. :D
      1. AlexChance likes this.
      2. Sambish
        Congrats :D
        Jun 28, 2014
    19. MrBigBux
      Need glass panes and circle stone for BigBux Utopia... Other than those, its coming together nicely :D
    20. MrBigBux
      About over half way done with my "Bucket Drop" on Utopia. A drop party may follow with its completion... :D
      1. MrBigBux
        To view its progress go to Utopia and type /v 5005 bd
        Jun 1, 2014
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    High School
    Hello everyone, my name is MrBigBux. I am currently a senior in high school and am 17 years old. I run cross country and track. I play lots of online games such as Guild Wars 2, Wizard101, Empire Minecraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Roblox (Malefactus), and more. My residences are 13185 on server smp6 and 5005 on utopia. Be sure to check them out and donate to me so I can get my shop up and running. I plan to have very cheap prices and very reasonable offers for promo items.

    I collect all sorts of special items on the Empire. If you got a lore item or promotional item and you would like to sell it or trade it, please, send me a message and we will work something out. I can be fair and reasonable. The item will be in good hands.

    Happy spending and good fortune,