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Public/Private Res Locations: Good idea?

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  1. Hello! I have a new suggestion that I think would be very useful: public and private res locations.

    Currently you can make all res locations public or private via the /res set namedtp t/f command. However, it'd be very useful if there was a way to make individual locations public or private (able to be teleported to).

    - Parkour: during competitions, the host will be able to teleport to the end of the course (to see winners) while the rest of the teleports on the res are still active.
    - Drop parties, so only the host can access the drop area.
    - Some more. Post below if you have anything I can add here.

    How would this work?
    First, you'd have to set a normal location, say I wanted to set blueend. That is the end of my blue parkour course at 11217. You'd do /res loc set blueend. This exists.

    The location would automatically set the location as public. This is the current message when a res location is set:

    I suggest the first line to say "Saved Public Location for blueend". This will make it clear that you're setting a public location.

    You can then change whether you want the location to be public or private with a new command:

    /res loc public/private [LocName]

    Choosing public or private and replacing the [LocName] with the location you wanted, in my case, blueend, will change whether or not other players will be able to teleport to that location. If not, this message will appear:

    You don't have permission for that (location is private).

    More Details
    Players with +namedtp will be allowed to teleport to private flags.

    As always, please suggest improvements and changes, and vote in the poll. Thanks,

  2. Sounds pretty useful...
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  3. This would help a lot for DPs with out having to keep stacking blocks or build a ladder to get to the platform
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  4. +218,492,182,488,803,018
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  5. Great Idea! This should be added :)
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  6. This sounds like a good idea. I would definetly use it if it were added.
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  7. Added to the todo list: http://track.emc.gs/issue/EMC-724

    Though cant do the +namedtp part - you already require that flag to use them in first place.
    We would have to add another flag.
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  8. Thank you So much for Suggesting this Feature i was just Saying this like 2 weeks on smp8. A very Grateful Player