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  1. There have been times that I've gone to my rupee history wondering why I paid someone rupees or going back to find out how much I paid for a certain auction win but don't remember who auctioned it.

    It would be nice to be able to add a payment reason during the /pay and have it show up in your payment history along with maybe sending the reason to the person you are paying also.

    Example usage:
    /pay <playername> <amount> <reason>

    /pay BreezyMan 500000 DC of Diamonds

    Similar to the message attachedt when you send/receive mail.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Edit: The reason could be optional.
  2. This has been suggested many times. I believe it is an issue on the tracker already.
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  3. Whoops. Probably should have looked there first.

    Please disregard.
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  4. It's fine. Everyone has done it one time or another. It isn't a bad idea either. In fact I would love to see this soon.
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  5. Great Idea! = Less Confusion
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  6. Love this idea!
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  7. I haven't seen this idea before so I'm happy that I've seen it. It's quite a good idea, perhaps we could see this in the Empire one day. :)
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  8. Love this idea!!! Thumbs up :)
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  9. S-W-E-E-T = AWESOME
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  10. Very good idea. I have payed people money before and I don't know why at all.
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  11. As much as you make this sound like a bad thing... Feel free to pay me money mindlessly whenever you like ;)
  12. That's quite funny because I only have close to 15k right now. I invested all my money in pot o golds. ;-;
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  13. You too?!:eek:
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  14. I also support this idea. There are many, many times when I have no clue why I just received rupees for someone, and I think it would be more fun to throw rupees one at a time at people (namely Fendy :p) if I could add nice little reasons (e.g. Because <3). But in all seriousness, this would be useful, and it would certainly get used. :)
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  15. I'll add this tonight and release it maybe tonight too.
    It's only 2 lines of code for this change.
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  16. Woooohoooo!!! Awesome Aikar! Thank you very much. You don't know what a time saver this will be for me and my short term memory. :p Appreciate all you do. :)
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  17. Glad to see another great addition coming to emc! Thanks for suggesting! :D
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  18. I second what Blood said ;P
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  19. Yay! :D
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