New Feature - Residence Permission Groups! 7/22/15

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  1. Hey everyone! It is finally done! A major feature we've been wanting to add for a while has finally been completed.

    Chicken and I teamed up on this but he did most the work, so kudos to him for making this happen finally...

    Players may now create a permission group for their residence, enabling you to set flags for the group instead of a specific player.
    Then you may add and remove players to that group, making managing permissions for multiple players much easier.

    The update notes...

    • Added Residence Permission Groups system.

      Limits are so:
      • Free: 2 Groups, 5 users per group
      • Iron: 5 Groups, 15 users per group
      • Gold: 10 Groups, 30 users per group
      • Diamond: 20 Groups, 50 users per group
      Commands (for reference for all EMC command documentation, < > means requiredm [ ] means optional):
      • /res gadd <groupname> <player1>[,player2,player3...] - Adds players to a group, creating the group if it does not exists already. A player may exists in multiple groups.
      • /res gdel <groupname> <player1>[,player2,player3...] - Removes players from a group, but DOES NOT delete the group when no members remain.
      • /res gset <groupname> <flag1>[,flag2,flag3] [t/f/r] - Sets a flag for the group just as pset works (you can specify multiple comma separated flags to set all at same time. Creates group if it doesn't exists.
      • /res gremove <groupname> - Requires confirmation, deletes group completely (permissions and users)
      • /res gcopy <fromGroup> <toGroup> - copies all permissions (BUT NOT PLAYERS) from 1 group to another.
      • /res glist [groupname] - List groups, showing permissions given to them and players in the group. Pass a group name to show only that group, or leave off to show all groups.
      • /res grename <fromGroup> <toGroup> - Renames a group, players and permissions remain on the new group name.

        NOTE: /res default will remove players from every group, but will not reset the group themselves permissions, so you do not have to fully reset them up.

        /res info now will show the group name that is giving the player the permission in blue so you know how to remove the permission from the player. /res pset will override any group flag!

        If player is denied permission in 1 group, but granted permission in another group, they will receive the permission. If you want to use groups for denying permissions, be sure the player is not in a group that will override it with a positive...

        Groups can also be used on access and restrict signs by prefixing with a #
        [ ACCESS ]
    • Fixed Head/Skull stacking! Ok I hope I didn't break skulls but seems to work as expected on Dev. The standing issue of 1.8 where heads no longer stack when you receive them over different time periods yet they have the same skin is now resolved.

      All existing player heads/MHF Monster heads should now properly stack with each other.
    • Preview Signs now favor the attached chest block. So cases like this will function correctly.
    • Some ticket we had from 2013.... Player Heads/Skulls are now lockable.
    • Updated Spigot as it appears previous performance issues was a quirk with our build.
    • Fixed performance issue (lag) with /res info.
    • Hopefully Fixed PVP Fair Arenas!
      New changes
      - Food is usable. Trying to make it also not consumed but appears to not be working.
      - Bows are now usable in Fair Arena. Arrows DO NOT get consumed (verified that works)
      - Static damage tweaked to be more configurable. We may adjust the percentages for the arenas (I think the ones I set are different than the values before)
      - Armor/etc should now be properly ignored.
      - Blocking an attack reduces damage by 50%! Encourages skill based combat in fair arenas.
    • Added /res kick command to remove a player from your residence without setting move false. Mainly for cases like someone is AFK in your way of building.
    • Group Buffs will no longer overwrite higher level buffs (like Gapples)
    • Removed Freedom steaks dropping.
    • Removed Promo items from /shop
  2. Woo! Awesome!
    Thanks Aikar and devs :)
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  3. Give me a bit before I send it out. Stage had an issue I need to investigate to avoid it happening to live servers.
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  4. Amazing. :)

    Does setting an access sign for @groupname work? ;)
  5. Nuu! Not the Steak!

    Welp, time to Hibernate till next July.
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  6. Awesome to see progress... Dragon tombs next?

    I cry myself to sleep every night...
  7. Do you have to define a group in advance, or will adding a player to a group that hasn't been made yet automatically create that group?
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  8. Use the number sign (#). @ will be used for Empires.
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  9. Sounds good
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  10. Adding a player to a group will create that group if it doesn't exist, similar to how the current Group system works.
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  11. So humble. It was a good split imo. You helped a lot of with design aspects and polish.
  12. forgot to add that to post, but yes as chicken said

  13. Ah, that does certainly sound convenient!
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  14. I think I've found what happened to stage. We removed some old conversion code for residence configs in old format as we expect everything to be converted. Well old worlds we no longer used on stage still had their res configs lingering and this caused things to crash, ended up wiping out all of our residence files on stage :(

    And because its stage.. I didn't have it backed up :/

    But i've got a change in to tolerate old files and ignore them.
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  15. Aikar broke stage :-( thanks for the awesome updates. This makes what someone (maybe you, aikar) recently said about a lot of the new updates being related to DT pretty obvious. So for those asking about dragon tombs.... this is basically an update to move that direction... if I'm seeing that right lol.
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  16. I see....breaking stage =P

    Good to see these updates finally come out! Now to get the Contribution team to fix up the wiki pages =)
  17. Head stcking!? So many *yays*
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  18. Nice update, thanks team! Glad the preview signs now favour the attached chests too :p
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  19. Oh wow this is a very nice feature you guys have added :) me l likes!

    Thank you
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  20. Ok so tested it out and the heads did not stack. I put them all in /vault, then into inventory again and they stacks. Only ones that didn't stack were the ones that had the 'MHF_' before it's name. Which was expected given the different name.

    Thanks so much for this fix!!!

    EDIT: Ok I lied lol a few same named ones did not stack.
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