EMC Anvil Update / Bug Fixes - 5/20/15

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  1. As discussed on the 1.8 thread, we decided to reverse the idea to go back to pure vanilla due to concerns like buying items from other players that has a repair cost associated to it.

    However, we did not want to fully go back to no repair cost, as 1.8 Anvil changes would of made that super easy.. So we have a new middle ground

    EMC has now completely custom implemented the Anvil process so that Repair cost on an item is now specific to the player.

    Every repair of the item will increase the repair cost for you. You may sell this item to another player, and they will start from 0 on the repair cost.

    However, if you get the item back from the player, even if they have repaired it themselves, your original repair cost will still be on the item! Repair history is FOREVER on an item for everyone who has repaired it (and yes this was done in a name change supported way =P)

    The Formula is as follows:

    REPAIR COST: Vanilla Cost + EMC Personal Repair Cost + 5
    NEXT PERSONAL REPAIR COST: FLOOR((EMC Personal Repair Cost + ( 3 to 9)) * 1.2)
    - 3 levels per Raw Ingredient used to repair, or 9 levels if combining with another item of same type.
    (Note: this formula is cheaper than Vanillas!)

    As with EMC before 1.8, Anvils have been recapped to level 39. Additionally, Rename behavior bringing the cost up for renaming more than 1 item has been brought back, at a cap of 15 levels. So renaming 30 items will cost 15 levels.

    Additionally with these updates the following updates were made:
    • Fixed bug where Entity Limiter auto kill counted Items / Armor Stands when it was not intended to. Item counts on /entc is only intended to limit Armor Stand placement, and be there for informative purposes.
    • Fixed a bug Dwight spammed my error logs with due to a weird ban reason!
    • Made some code cooler / more performant.
  2. First (Sorry Jonny!)
    NOTE: Formula is subject to change.
    Enchanting will be the next major review and change.
  3. First :) Second :(

    This seems like a really nice middle-ground, I like the idea. Will this affect shop signs for enchanted items? I was having problems selling certain pickaxes and not others, even with the exact same enchantments. I assume it was because silk touch was added with a book for some, and "naturally" enchanted for others. Do you know if this is the case?
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  4. Hmm good point. Yes this will break normal enchantment signs.

    So if you sell a repaired item you will have to use [slot]

    We have to come up with a better system for Shops soon to remove the need for [slot] :/

    Nothing we can do for this case, because otherwise shops would strip out that stored data of who repaired the item.
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  5. Oh boy x3 You've been really busy Aikar. Woot!
  6. Thank you Aikar glad to see we can keep fixing our tools again :)
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  7. Would it be feasible to implement it so that using an enchanted book on an unrepaired item wouldn't count as a repair? Not sure if that would be balanced though...

    With regards to [slot], I'm assuming it will only work for items that have the exact same metadata? Let's say I have 10 pickaxes, all with Efficiency 4 and Silk Touch. Half of them came out of an enchantment table that way, while the other half came out with just Eff 4 and had the Silk Touch added via enchantment book. Would a [slot] sell sign be able to sell all 10, or just the 5 that are metadata-identical?
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  8. Can people repair infinitely, or will it just go up and hit a limit where you can't repair it anymore?
  9. Can't really answer that. In theory book vs enchant table should be the same, as long as the enchants are added in same order?

    Though in the new system, I wouldn't make order matter.
  10. It's capped at 39 again, so it will never be too expensive.
  11. This is great. :)
  12. Excellent, thanks for working on this Aikar.

    I was about to start enchanting a load of god gear for +rr bazaar on SMP6 (blatant plug is blatant) but was concerned about what it means for customers. I'm sure you saw my little experiment on repair costs or did your own. That irrepairable pick now has the maximum value to a new owner. And when they can no longer repair it they can sell it on to someone else and they will get maximum use out of it.

    On shop signs, I am seeing slot 1 items being sold instead of the dozen other items being taken first where I have a [SLOT1] sign. Could be the same thing you mention Johnny and would make sense. I had 10 unbreaking III books in a chest. Some of those could have been combined unb II's but really, why would it see them as different?
  13. theres more data internally than seen, and it matters how it lines up.

    For example, an item has an id generated for it, and that id is generated like

    id = id * enchant1.id * 13;
    id = id * enchant2.id * 13;
    id = id * enchant3.id * 13;

    Change the order of enchants, and that numerical value is now vastly different.
  14. I think you answered with your last post, but with repairs... is it per item, per player, per repair?

    Let's say I have 8 enchanted picks. If the repair of the first pick is 3, then I immediately repair the 2nd pick in the line, will the cost go up? or be the same as pick 1? Granted they are on the same number of repairs?
  15. Thanks for quoting my post, more advertising for +rr bazaar on smp6. :p

    I thought that would be the case and that previously you had set it up to take that into account on slot signs.

    So now we have an issue with slot signs not working where they did before. It started about a week before the 1.8 update and at first I thought it was my thieving colleagues wonderful friends taking what they needed but now it appears to be slot sign related (only 2 others have access, they are both mods).

    This would also explain how one customer complained about trying to scam him by selling dirt. Have the slot numbers changed in the chests or is it just randomly choosing a different slot? Just checked the 20 armor chests and another one has done it in the last 8 hours but I'll need to get the sale log checked for an accurate time.
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  16. Thank you, Aikar. My blocky little world has resumed spinning once more.
  17. Just when I was getting used to making my own tools.... Well, guess I will go back to being spoiled and keeping baradar67 at /v +books (this is easier imho) in business. lol. Advertising? There are people that don't know about this amazing gem? BLASPHEMY!
  18. Awesome solution. :) Thanks for the work on this! :D
  19. So say u have an un 3 eff 4 will it go over 23 levels if I repair it say 40 times?