Player Notes, XP, Survival, Bug Fixes + more! 9/26/15

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  1. This is a nice mixture of things in tonight's update! I believe I've finally tracked down the major bug in the code that keeps messing with Marlix's loot pool (effective difficulty).

    The Bukkit API had changed the Damage system to a really confusing system that made it hard to control damage to the way we were intending, so we didn't realize that damage values were not as intended... High damage weapons was healing the monsters!

    Additionally, It is our goal to really boost the XP system to make it more beneficial to go out and group up and kill monsters together than sitting at a farm. This update is a start of this.

    All Enraged and MiniBosses received a MASSIVE exp bonus. Additionally, a bug in the code for XP bonuses was fixed... Oops... This entire time custom mobs were meant to give bonus XP, but hasn't been :/ Well now they do, and the intended bonuses are massively increased.

    The changelog!

    • Introducing a new Player Note system (coded by Breezy) - You may now leave (private) notes on other players that you personally can view using /p. constantly forget where you met a person? leave a note!

      Leave a note with /pnote set <name> <note>
      For Free players, the length of a note is limited to the minecraft chat box limit.
      Supporters... You may use /pnote add <name> <note> - to add more text to the note. Use set to start over again.

      You (all) may also use /pnote clear <name> to clear all notes on a player.
      Type /pnote for help.
    • You may no longer /res kick a staff member unless they are marked away. If the staff member is not away, and not conducting official EMC business and you wish them to get off the residence, please simply ask them... But if they go AFK, /res kick will work once the AFK flag kicks in.
    • Fixed issue with players being unable to clone their old books after changing their name
    • Fixed bugs all around with entity damage for the survival system that was likely affecting the entities effective difficulty / player damage % checks. Hopefully Marlix will be consistent with loot now!
    • Massive XP boost to all custom mobs. This bonus is then multiplied by being in a group, and further multiplied by difficulty! Want some EXP? Then join a group and play at a higher difficulty!
    • Added 2 new Player Settings! You may now control whether or not MiniBoss or Enraged monsters will ever spawn around you. Don't care to fight them? then you can simply turn the setting off. However, you may still encounter monsters previously spawned, or new ones will spawn if some other player is near you who has their setting on.
    • All Custom Mobs spawn chances are now affected by your difficulty setting! Difficulty 5 is the baseline, with every level above or below 5 modifying by 5% (so 10 is a 25% boost). Formula: double diffModifier = 1 + (0.05 * (-5 + playerDifficulty));
      (This applies to the monsters existing spawn percent. So if it was 10%, with a 20% boost, it will be 12%, not 30%) Thinking on it, a future update will boost this even more, potentially 15% per level.
  2. Awesome! :D
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  3. neato thanks empire guys and gals
  4. this is going to be awesome and i was wondering if you can add a feature where you pick how common they are to spawn
  5. I disagree with the less xp from the farms
  6. Oh thank you thank you! Being in the middle of a large build and being able to turn OFF the minibosses in so awesome! There have been several times when I've been in my head saying "go away nether hounds (or Momentus)! I'm BUSY over here!". This will be great for building in the wild on big projects, thanks!
  7. Very nice
  8. Thanks Aikar and BreezyMan! This update is awesome! :cool:
  9. I don't agree with decreasing the xp from farms. They should stay the same as vanilla MC and then EMC special mobs can have their xp boost. Xp farms are slowly getting less and less efficient and I don't like it at all. What if I just want xp doing the thing I've been doing for years and don't want to constantly fight mobs and repair my gear? I shouldn't have to spend 30 minutes getting to level 30 at a top notch enderman farm. I do agree that manual fighting should be better rewarded and you should get xp faster by going out in the wild, but I don't think that farms should be nerfed. Farms are a traditional part of MC and by nerfing them, you are pushing farther and farther away from vanilla. Xp farms are a huge part of traditional survival minecraft and I think that it should stay that way.
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  10. That player note system is awesome in particular, and I'm happy to hear that the bugs are being fixed. :) Thanks so much for the updates, Aikar, Breezy, and other devs! :)
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  11. Any chance this can be modified so that you can toggle on/off Momentus and/or Marlix?
  12. Save it for dragon tombs.
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  13. No netherhound encounters while quartz mining?! Awesome! :)
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  14. Will do :p
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  15. Where are you guys reading decreased XP at farm? All I see is increased XP when fighting in groups INSTEAD of sitting at a farm.
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  16. I didn't say reducing farms... I said boosting other stuff to make it faster than farms :)

    Sorry we can't have a setting per monster, as we will be adding more and more monsters... So "Class" based settings is best we can do
  17. Fantastic! It'll help me on my hunt for minibosses!
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