New Forum Titles and Trophies!

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  1. New Trophies and Titles are coming to EMC FORUMS!!!
    Hello everyone! We've been a little quiet recently for a good reason =P We've been working on some new trophies and new titles. Before, we had the ability to earn up to 218 trophy points, but the Well-Known Member status started at 45 points. Well the Empire has grown and we need new trophies to give to those that have far surpassed the previous top of the ladder. We will start adding the trophies and titles to the site here shortly. This is more of a warning message so don't freak out when yours changes.
    (Keep in mind that these are FORUM titles and are linked to your days registered on the site and not in-game.)

    New Trophies
    75 - Empire Trooper (3 years registered on site)
    100 - Empire Senior (4 years registered on site)
    150 - Empire Elder (5 years registered on site)

    30 - Chatterbox (2500 posts)
    40 –Passionate about Posts (5000 posts)
    50 - Obsessed! (10000 posts)

    40 - Adored (1000 likes)
    50 - Talk of the Town (2500 likes)
    60 - People Pleaser (5000 likes)
    70 - Hooked on You! (10000 likes)
    80 - Idolized! (25000 likes)
    100 - Casanova (50000 likes)

    20 - Empire Recruiter (25 referrals)
    30 - Empire Shepherd (50 referrals)
    50 - Empire Wrangler (100 referrals)

    New Titles
    150 Trophy Points - Prominent Member
    225 Trophy Points - Distinguished Member
    500 Trophy Points - Elite Member
    750 Trophy Points - Esteemed Member
    1000 Trophy Points - Legendary Member
  2. 1,000 Trophy Points :eek:
  4. Third, and awesome! Implementation, nice little touches make the EMC community even more perfect!
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  5. Cool changes, cant wait for them
  6. Well, guess I'll be Legendary in 3 years.
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  7. Awesome krysyy!!! <3
  8. Yay! :D Can't wait to earn these new trophies! :)
  9. Finally... Will we be able to change our titles when ever we want?
  10. Awesome! You guys will do an amazing job! :)
  11. Must get all points
  12. A little quiet you say? True. Only a little.
    You mentioned new trophies to me in another thread. >.>

    Well this makes me enthusiastic to get some more trophy points!

    I'm also going to be just under elite member >.>
  13. Lol quiet for me...
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  14. That's not quite how they work. It auto assigns based on the amount of trophy points you have.
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  15. is there a way to maintain well-known member?
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  16. No more 218 club then I guess... :p
  17. Hm... thanks for warning us, I guess. I don't really like how you're encouraging me even more to spam, though :p
    Oh well, I probably won't need to spam, I'll get to 10000 posts before 5 years anyway, I'm pretty sure.
  18. Yay!'