Misc Bug Fixes and new Feature - 10/8/15

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  1. Repeating some things I commented at end of last thread, as I realized a new feature that I coded during the last live stream also went out and forgot to mention it!

    • New Feature: (THIS IS DEFAULT OFF!!!) Status Messages as "Action Bar" messages. This will remove Status messages (joins, kicks, etc) from the chat box and only show them temporarily above your action bar like so:

      The feature isn't perfect, and we got some ideas to improve the information flow, as right now if lots of players login/logout, it'll send so fast you can't see them all... We will improve this over time.

      also, not recommended unless you have a wide enough window to make chat not overflow in this area.

      This is provided as an option for those who want chat cleaner and may of turned off Status Messages, as an alternative to turning them off and still see them.

      Access it in Player Settings (/ps) to switch to this style.
    • Marlix is now stronger! With our Difficulty 10 boss battle, I realized how under powered Marlix was compared to Momentus... Marlix now has double the health, double the arrow attack range (128 blocks!), will target farther (32 blocks, up from 24), and now attacks faster, and attacks harder.

      However, to help with fighting Marlix, the bats movement speed was slowed down another notch, so it should be easier to hit Marlix.
    • Shop signs preference was fixed to prefer chest underneath sign instead of the chest the sign is attached to as it always use to be.
    • If more than 1 miniboss of the same type is found in an area, extras will be removed. So don't try to "pool" minibosses. Kill them if you wish to kill them.
    • Fixed issue with Monsters being locked to groups being able to attack you but you can't attack back. It's still not "perfect", but they will no longer target you, but you could still be subject to creeper explosions etc. We feel this is going to be a fringe case... Recommended to simply not stand beside a monster your not killing, and if a player intentionally does it to kill you, report them for PvP.
    • Improved Bat movement to not favor South East... and improved the overall calculation to not favor 0 as much.
      Also Marlix's bat won't try to sleep on a ceiling (not sure if this happens? But added the logic to be safe)
    • Hoppers will no longer stop sucking in items when the server goes under 18 TPS.

      Previously, if the server was lagging, hoppers would stop sucking in items to alleviate the lag. Now, they will continue to suck in at the same rate at all times.
    • Fixed a section of code that's been constantly causing us lag... And submitted the fix to Mojang to fix in Vanilla.
  2. Ohhhh!@

    That will be hard to determine, lets say a player is genuinely running from a Creeper/Charged Creeper and runs past you without thinking that those same creepers trying to kill him may kill the bystander instead once he/she is out of target range. Also Death Events I noticed have had tons of players do this to each other in the past. Some trying to escape, some dragging on over hordes of mobs in hopes that it will kill the player they are targeting. This also may bring up the fact that you mentioned this; a string of players who hate another player, intentionally go to die by a mob that the player they do not like was attacking, just to get that player reported for PvP and get banned. Just a few things I noticed and well didn't think that maybe you thought about that as a possible issue. Players can be evil to each other.
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  3. Sure that isn't pvp. I meant 'intentional', as in the player constantly chases you trying to make it happen.
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  4. One thing that is still an issue, is item drop stacking event is not conditioned by regions.

    If you're on a res with item drop or item pickup turned off, it will prevent the person from picking up or dropping an item.

    However, if you're off a res and throw it on the res ... or off the res and throw an item on the sidewalk ...the item stacks still merge, instead of checking if the location on the residence has the perms turned on or off first.

    Without a location check before itemstack merge, this let's individuals bypass the perms and can get items off the res (on the ground) ...or throw items onto the res ... from the sidewalk (regardless of what the perm is set to)
  5. Also Marlix's bat won't try to sleep on a ceiling (not sure if this happens? But added the logic to be safe)

    Ha, ha, ha, I would have loved to see that one happening. I can imagine it now: "Will you get up already you useless piece of mob?" (bat opens eyes and looks up): "Can you please keep the noise down already? I need my sleep, and try to loosen some weight while you're at it...".

    Maybe this only happened on SMP8? Would surely be the most suitable place for it :D
  6. We should call this : the BAT update :D

    Great work as always!
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  7. I like the new status message option! Some poor players with bad Internet connection unintentionally spam chat with connected / disconnect. Sometimes I miss what was said in a private chat. Thank you very much for this!

    Edit: and yes I do use /tell log on those occasions that require it
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  8. I have a problem with hoppers not picking things up. This breaks tons of farms and could potentially cost a lot in a redstone circuit.

    Plus, if mob arena for example is happening, the thing dropping the TPS won't be hoppers, it'll be the hundreds of enraged mobs in there. No need to punish the innocent hopper users.

    I think hopper behavior was fine and the TPS never really dropped that low outside of staff events and player counts over the limit.
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  9. Nice one aikar.
  10. And now I'm never going to see an upside down Marlix in a cave, great.
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  11. YAS!!!
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  12. Read it again:
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  13. could you also make it where the bat wont go down to sea level? the issue of marlix dismounting and disappearing on water when the bat dives in still exists
  14. Is this why it is harder to kill a marlix on difficulty 7
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  15. Nice to see another batch of little things that have been worked on, cheers for the update :)
  16. oh lmao
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  17. I miss read that too.....

    Aren't you suppose to be at work young lady lol.
  18. Reworded it to make it clearer.
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  19. Thanks lol xD