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Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Krysyy, Mar 8, 2015.

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  1. It has come to the attention of the admin team that more residences are needed in each town to support the growing community. Therefore, the Senior Staff and the admins will be working together over the next few weeks to make at least another ring around the center for each town world =)

    We will be starting with Utopia, working up, and (for now) sticking with the current numbering system.

    Just a little note so you don't freak out when more appear =P

  2. Awesome! Glad to see some nice new residences ;)
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  3. Awesome, more room for more people. :)
  4. Can we see that build in the picture appear while you guys are doing that too? :p
  5. cool idea :) now even more people can live on smp4

    Banana God is superior to Peasant Carl! >: D
  6. Im glad, I had to unclaim someone's residence the other day. (1,000 day old member only derelict for a few days) Kinda made me feel bad. Hopefully this whole new res system with work out great having more room for all!
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  7. Sweet love the picture!
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  8. Interesting. Thank you, It'll be nice to see less members getting force-claimed due to lack of residence space. :)
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  9. Sounds sweet, finally I can get some new residences on the corners. :p
  10. Epic! Glad to see we're expanding town :D, thanks for donating your time guys to do this!
  11. Awesome! But wouldnt make this the servers often more full?
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  12. That's the next issue to tackle.
  13. Oh dear, there are already 1504 residences on smp4, hope my directory can keep up! :eek: :D
  14. :eek: I never thought about that. That could be a slight problem in the future

    *stocks up on iron supporter vouchers*

    Good luck! :D
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  15. Great to see the addition of residences to accommodate the extra people. This will definitely help the popular servers. The current default server system does although do a great job at equally distributing the population.
  16. Will you please give at least the 4 corner reses a free res move to the new corner?

    Because otherwise, you are taking a cool corner res and making it a normal res, and that is not fair to those who owned a corner res.

    I would rather have my res # change then loose my corner res.

    Maybe staff can skip a couple rings leaving them grass before adding new plots rings, so we still have town corner reses and edge of tow reses.
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  17. Awesome, and love the picture of the whole construction scene! Fits in perfect haha
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  18. I did some math woth the smp8 live map and if you add another ring, the residences will inecreases by. A 6% so my suggestion is up the cap of players by 6% (meanwhile you get the servers being full problem potentially happening), this will be 42 instead of 40...this is theoretical if my math is correct.

    If you did not understand anything i said, tell me and ill rewrite it
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