Empire has updated to 1.8!

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  1. The time has come, and Aikar time has been defeated. We are now releasing the 1.8(.4) update!

    We've done some pretty good testing and no known bugs at this time, but please be prepared for rapid restarts if bugs are found (which usually happens once everyone gets into it!)

    This update is the real 1.8 version, meaning you can no longer use the 1.7 client. Please update to at least 1.8.3. All 1.8 clients before 1.8.3 will work but there are many major performance problems and bugs in those versions. Try to work mods based on 1.8.3, and if you don't use mods, just use 1.8.4 client.

    This update comes with a few new things too!
    Other Updates:
    • New /ps Player Settings Added! You may now customize what the alert sound sounds like when your name is said in chat. You can change the pitch and which base sound effect to use! Type /ps to try them out, and changing them will play a preview sound.
    • New flags added mainly for staff for events but we kept 2 open for players if you really want to.... vault and mail
    • TNT Can now destroy soul sand
    • A weird bug where Mac clients could send special symbols when pressing the arrow keys on a sign, breaking the ability to setup shop signs, has been fixed. But to do this, we are essentially converting all sign lines to plain ASCII text, so you can't use foreign symbols.
    • Fixed a bug where Spawn Eggs did not always spawn as babies that has been long standing for a while but no one reported it to me! :(
    • Soulbound items can not be placed in a villager trading window.
    • Reduced the on login message
    • New Command! /res changebiome - You may now change your own biome and consume Tokens without manual task by Senior Staff. Cost is 5k for SMP and 10k for Utopia.
    Reversions to Vanilla:
    Previously EMC has had custom changes to the Anvil system, where renames are cheaper and there is never a 'too expensive' for items.
    We also made it so items repair cost never increased.
    With the changes in 1.8, We decided to undo all of those changes and revert to Vanilla behavior.
    Anvil costs will now behave the same as vanilla in terms of Renaming and repairing the same item over and over.
    Changes from Vanilla:
    The biggest commotion has been around Villagers. We studied the Villagers trading system to learn exactly how a 1.7 villager behaves in 1.8 and found out that by default Minecraft would give Villagers double the trades, by having all 1.7 on top of all the new 1.8.
    We have corrected this undesirable behavior by making 1.7 trades OVERWRITE 1.8 trades, ensuring you will 100% retain any trade you had in 1.7, and at the same time, potentially giving you new 1.8 trades.
    It's very important to note that the "Last Slot" mechanic of Villager Trading is now nothing special.
    Additionally, we have unlocked any trade that was previously locked in 1.7, so if you had a broken villager, it is now unbroken.
    On top of that, to alleviate frustration with the infinite villager mechanic going away, we have made villagers behave a little more nicer than Vanilla

    • The Vanilla chance of unlocking locked trades is 20%. We have bumped this to 35%, and then add an additional 15% for every 2nd+ trade locked. So if you have 3 trades locked (REALLY UNLUCKY!) Each trade has a 65% chance of unlocking all trades. This means you only need to reliability trade 2 items on a villager to keep it unlocked, and it no longer needs to even be the last trade.
    • When a trade unlocks, we give up to an additional 5 uses before it re-locks, letting you trade an item more before it locks
    Another change from 1.8 vanilla is that Spawn Eggs will not work on Mob Spawners.
    Spawn eggs are not normally avail to Survival Players, so it is not intended for Survival Mode. This is restricted to Creative mode only.
    And yes, Heads now work, but you must re-place them to get them to show up!
    Please report bugs to me ASAP, and reminder: Abusing a bug (even if you report it) is a bannable offense!
    If you see something that seems unlikely that its meant to be, stop using it, report it to us, and we will debug it.
    Enjoy everyone!
  2. Finally!
    Thank you Aikar and all the staff that helped! I love you all!
    Also, WELCOME TO 1.8, EMC!
    EDIT: Dangit, Aikar stole my pic... I'll upload a new one tomorrow
  3. Wastelands Reset will commence shortly.
  4. And Matheus steals the 1st slot lol
  5. Yes
    Thx Aikar for all your hard work. :)
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  6. Glad to finally see 1.8. dragon tombs soon maybe?
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  7. Sweet!
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  8. The minute after I log off..
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  9. This is awesome!
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  10. I will be the first to say it...

    DAMN this!!! Villagers now spawn as babies!!! Lol long time coming but was hoping it would slip past your gaze.:rolleyes:
  11. Awesome!
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  12. Lol this isnt in the homepage
    edit: my infinite villager did not gain any new trades and i tried to unlock them but it didnth let me and just locked the villager...
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  14. Hmm, don't egg it. I will make the code auto unlock ANY villager and not just converted ones.

    I'm guessing you had everything locked but the last slot then had few trades left and locked?

    I'll get it fixed soon.
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  15. I can actually sense/feel everyone as if they had just awoken from a deep hibernation and had stretched their arms to play on 1.8.
  16. Some of my villagers gained an extra trade at the end if there was room.
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  17. :D

    EDIT: Banners are not animated
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