Server cap upped to 45 - 4/2/15

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  1. Very small post but significant enough to let everyone know!

    I have upped our cap from 40 to 45 in order to alleviate the server full pain a little bit more on weekends and prime time.

    While I know we will still hit the cap, this should help SOME.

    It is also very likely we may run into TPS issues more often, and if lag becomes too big of a deal again we may have to drop it back down, but going to least give this # a shot to see if we can strike a reasonable balance on lag vs cap.

    Also, disabled the April fools joke. Not sure too many may of even noticed it.. I have been sick this week so I didn't get a chance to do something more elaborate, so I added a fake "You bought fools gold from Empire Shop" message to chat 5-10 minutes after your first login in over 2 hours, so that it wouldn't spam you every join.

    So that means anyone who switched servers immed on join didn't see it...

    i wanted to do the Zombie Plague again (with improvements), but with sickness and us no longer having a functional disguise plugin, it just wasn't possible.
  2. "Spring Fever" is the worst. My condolences, bossman, I'm in the same boat right now. :confused:
    Why do germs always feel the need to launch full-scale assaults on us this time of year?
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  3. I never got the fools gold :'(
  4. YES!!!

    I have been waiting for this way too long :p I hate the servers being full, and an extra five people on the cap means everything. Thank you aikar.
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  5. So it was you! :p

    Were you behind my custom message?
  6. thanks
    EDIT: so at what number of players does it start kicking for AFK?
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  7. Great news! Free players all around are crying tears of joy.
  8. I remember getting the April Fool's Message, I was confused for a moment but then realised exactly what was going on :p
  9. I loved the Fool's Gold joke, got it a couple times. Especially clever that it was priced for 4115 rupees. :D
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  10. Aw, hope you feel better :(
  11. I thought the fools gold was a nice touch! :D
  12. Yay! Thanks Akiar! Hope you feel better in the later days of the week. :i
  13. I guess there was a 2nd prank to the joke... All those collectors who are sad they DIDN'T get a new special item for a mere 4k rupees :p
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  14. Thanks for the update! It's nice to see the player cap finally starting to rise a bit. :D