Name Changes are here! 8/24/15

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, Aug 24, 2015.

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  1. EDIT: They have arrived! EMC now supports name changes. Once you log in to the game, your change will be processed, and you will have your new name on the forums.

    We suggest putting a note in your signature of your old name if you changed names!

    NOTE: Old likes will still show old name. This can't be fixed globally. But they may be rebuilt depending on conditions to show new name.


    Massive amount of work done in this update towards name changes and many other features and improvements!

    This is hopefully the last of the big work we need to do to support name changing, but it is not enabled yet. We will be doing some testing with a alts and staff who have changed their name, then we will be able to open it to all once we've verified no bugs.

    But this update contains many new features too, such as Chest UI Res permission setting!

    • Contains the rest of all known work needed to support name changes.

      Though the feature is blocked right now except for special test accounts so you will still use old name.
    • Fixed some counting issues with Entity Limiter, no longer shows items under Total and counts items correctly in Town
    • Added new Residence Permission Settings through a Chest UI! Chicken worked hard on this. We know not everyone will find this version useful, but it will be to others, so we are providing the option :)

      Type /res cset, /res cpset <name>, or /res cgset <group> to set permissions using a chest interface.

      It will list all flags, hover over to see description and instructions to toggle.
    • Survival Players rejoice! We've heard your cries. MiniBoss spawn rates have been fixed by improved the logic for testing spawn conditions. We also added logging so we can monitor spawn rates and will adjust further (ie incase made it too common now) if needed.
    • Miniboss Personal Respawn Timers are now Empire wide, so if Momentus spawns for you on SMP1, it will not spawn on SMP2 or a different world...
    • Now a 30 minute delay between miniboss spawn types. So Momentus and Marlix can not spawn at the same time, and then 2 more spawn in the Wastelands.
    • Previous names will now show on /p (when name changes activate). We are not planning to add a toggle for this as you can not expect privacy from name changes, as your name history is public record.
    • Made Stable Summons free while in the Outposts, like /vault etc has worked for a while.
    • Fixed bug with lock signs not letting you place 2 beside each other
    • Added a /telllog or /pmlog command, to let you review your private messages for the past 24 hours.
    • Added a "createshop" Residence flag. You can now give players the permission to create a shop without giving them container. Container still works for granting shop creation too.
    • Added /commandofdeathanddoomanddestruction - .... I mean a command that will let me load every chunk in town. This is going to cause lag but I need to do it for name change to ensure all data is converted. I will give warning when I'm going to do it.
    • New Flag: tame
    • New Subflags! You may now do subflags based on entity type, such as breed:cow, breed:chicken, tame:ocelot, tame:horse, kill:chicken, animaldamage:mooshroom

      Additionally, by age: eggify:baby

      You may also do buffs by type, buffs:speed, buffs:jump

      Finally, by containers, container:dispenser, container:brewing
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  2. Chest interface looks cool. :)
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  3. damn it not first!

    EDit.... I just fixed 4 beacon pyramids because of the locked signs... last night...

    So there is that. A lot of these updates actually apply to me this time YAY!

    The last one we can refer to as "Deathstar?"
  4. I'm hyped for the Miniboss spawn rate doubling.
    May I say, Great work?
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  5. Wow, y'all HAVE been busy! This all looks like great stuff, especially the spawn rates. There are a lot of flags being added; are there any plans to add an ice:melt toggle? That would be really nifty.
  6. Sounds awesome, Aikar. Great work!
  7. cool stuff cant wait to try it out and go hunting for minibosses
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  8. Loving shopcreate. This is exactly what I will need soon and I didn't even know it was coming. :D
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  9. are you reffering to the "loadallchunks" command?
  10. Now I need to find some mini bosses. Thanks Aikar and the rest!
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  11. .... Wow. I failed really hard core and when trying to back up the Residence folder, I accidently deleted it..

    I've had to restore all residence data from a backup from an 1-2 hours ago.

    Sadly this is going to cause big issues for new players in the past 1-2 hrs :/

    Edit: phew, only been like 8.
  12. Just noticed the new flag is incorrect in the OP. Should be 'createshop', not 'shopcreate'. :p
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  13. .... #AikarBrokeIt
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  14. Whoops :p
  15. Oh, sounds great! I'm happy former names will be shown at /p.
    Also, that command sounds crazy! :eek:
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  16. Oops, I must have wrote the commit message wrong (which is what I go by to build change lists). updated OP
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  17. This is awesome in so many ways... Although I personally don't care about the chest UI for permissions it does have a very solid use to me: at first glance it seems that this can be used to determine the default value's for most flags, and that is very useful.

    Then the log of private messages; awesome!

    And I can't wait to test that shop create flag, seems a guinea pig, errr: shop co-worker just came online so... short message for a change.

    Awesome work here, you guys have been busy! Impressive!

    PS: Could 'tame' be a new flag? ;)

    Either that or us contrib. teamers missed one on the wiki ;)
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  18. OHH! I totally forgot that chicken also added new flags... I'll have to update post with that.
  19. Silly aikar :p
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