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Dec 4, 2019
Jan 5, 2012
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huzzah i like cows. Sep 18, 2015

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Dec 4, 2019
    1. emfs_ad
      You got me on that puma pun...you can have the ores xD
    2. uriel155
      huzzah i like cows.
    3. uriel155
      Tied with first place on no items mob arena! Mom get the camera!
      1. ChamelonNYC likes this.
    4. ChamelonNYC
      To be honest, I'm surprised you haven't made your profile pic. a massive chicken that is running through the town.
      *shoots follow at massive turtle to take it down*
    5. 4moTilCRhystmas
      I hate you and your JTK memes.
    6. pateraterick
      Err.. Your profile picture disgusts me.
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      2. pateraterick
        Please take off your profile picture, its breaching the rule
        May 1, 2013
      3. uriel155
        Well, I changed it, and please show me the rule which I'm breaking, and if I did break a rule, I did not realize it and I'm sorry.
        May 1, 2013
      4. ChamelonNYC
        What was the profile picture?
        Sep 14, 2015
    7. uriel155
      Well this has been a while, but I'm coming back ... soon
    8. uriel155
      I will soon change my pumkin skin getting bored of it.
    9. uriel155
    10. uriel155
      Thats horrible! What did you lose?!
    11. nmanley
      Someone finally found the XP farm. :( Griefed it ... I'm sad but now I'll start using the community xp farms in utopia wild.
    12. uriel155
      Lala dum dedede lele dede dum do! la poo cla moo moomoo lala dum dede dede lala dum dede dede Lala dum dede dede dum de do dee de do dum! XD
    13. uriel155
      Ahhhhhh just sitting back and running a pawn shop.
    14. nmanley
      I made a Fortune III/ Eff IV pick lasts night so I'm going diamond hunting today.. I'll be in the south wild if your around.
    15. nmanley
      My highest in one setting is 45xp. Even though I now have brewed up splash healing potion to kill them server lag make it less potent and you still have to hack half of them with a sword. It's cheaper to use stone swords on them. LOL
    16. nmanley
      I've noticed that several people in Empire have multiple spawners setup,. I now know why. It takes 3 or 4 hours of moving around in the area of the spawner to keep them spawning and to keep killing them in groups and gaining XP.
    17. nmanley
      I don't think silk touch will work on spawners. I think I read that somewhere. Not sure they would spawn in town also as it's set to peaceful, yes?
      1. uriel155
        Oh XD I didn't read peaceful but to tell you I think it will work and end up spawning animals not Monsters. ;)
        Feb 20, 2012
    18. uriel155
      If it works
    19. uriel155
      Eh ok thanks I'm gonna try to make me self a silk touch pick and find a spawner and put it at my res.....if it works
    20. nmanley
      I saw you chats and everything I tried ...even using the help system didn't work .. but I'm sure I just didn't get some format correct. I'll catch up to ya later.
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