Bug Fixes / Features - 6/19/15

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  1. Features & Fixes just went out
    • Hoppers with 1.8 Villagers improved. Items thrown by villagers now have a 5s delay before a villager can pick it up, meaning it gives a hopper time for its 3s rate to kick in before the villager grabs it.

      YOU MUST USE ADDITIONAL HOPPERS THAN VIDEOS SHOW! Place a hopper under the villager and ideally anywhere the item can fall. Vanilla sucks in the item "while its being thrown" but EMC will not. So hopper under the villager the items getting thrown to is required
    • Fixed bogus res exit messages on login
    • Fixed command completion
    • More code cleanup, Please let us know if Live Map has any issues
    • New /itemhistory command to see who has repaired an item.
    • New /rlog and /tlog commands to show your recent rupee and token logs respectively
    • Messages now have timestamps shown when hovering over name of sender
    • You can no longer send money to a banned player (so you don't lose the money).
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  2. For the first time, most of these updates actually affect me.
    Usually doesn't happen because of how little I do on this server.
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  3. nice update
  4. :confused: I'm not sure I even understand how that would work - if you paid rupees to a player who can't log in, wouldn't they still be lost?
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  5. Pretty sure it blocks you from sending them at all. Like the way we block people from minteracting on their residences, etc.

    In other news, WOOT! Some of my issues fixed within a day. This dev team is Dy-na-mite!!!!
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  6. I really like this!
    Does this mean all messages in town chat, or only messages in group or pm's? :confused: I can see it being kind of intrusive or cluttered moving your mouse across the chat and a bunch of info boxes appearing.
  7. I encourage you to try it in game first before jumping to judgement on this. I have not been online to see it myself, but I also don't move my mouse over chat text often… so likely wouldn't notice.
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  8. So you can't pay a banned player, but can you still mail them things?
  9. I guess thats another thing to block.
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  10. I think that's what it means; there's just a comma missing in there, so it's ambiguous. "Paying a banned player would make you lose the rupees, so you can no longer pay a banned player, to avoid losing rupees."

    It's not like there was some tax-evasion-type scam system some people came up with, involving paying banned players to shelter their rupees, or whatever it is you interpreted from that. :p (I read it like that the first time too.)
  11. Nice update guys :) Thanks
  12. Okay yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Funny how such a tiny thing makes all the difference. :rolleyes:
  13. So, if a player is banned and they sell items, you get those items free?
  14. Where did you draw that conclusion?
  15. Banned players shop signs don't work, and how does that even make any sense?
  16. Wait, the Devs are fixing EMC's issues and YOUR issues?

    Wow, I give you some applause for being strong enough consult the dev team about your issues. I wasn't aware you had any! [/joke] Pls no ban
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  17. Hardy-har-har. =P
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  18. Oh I didn't even know that banned players signs don't work. So, you made it so that if you click on the sign accidentally, you don't lose rupees.