Voting Improvements - 1/14/15

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  1. Few tweaks here and there going out now! We have constantly improved the voting system, and it clearly has paid off! Voting has REALLY helped our growth, and now its time to dominate top 10 on MULTIPLE sites!

    We've made it pretty easy to keep your streak going as long as you vote each day, but things happen.... people get busy... and you lose it.

    For some, that could be 40 days off loss onto their streak. Thats 40 days before you get into new territory in order to start getting new rewards for your voting. We believe that's quite a massive punishment, and hurts EMC instead of helps.

    So, we have tweaked vote bonuses to cap at a max of 10 levels loss off of your maximum you've ever reached. That means, if your currently 100 levels under your max (IE you had reached 150, but now at 50), you will automatically jump back up to 140.

    This means the most you ever have to 'regain' is 10 levels. We hope this will give encouragement to those who slipped up once and then felt discouraged to start back up, the opportunity to resume voting and working to earn those rewards.

    And lets be clear... This is NOT lowering the work needed to earn those rewards, its lowering the punishment should something come up and you cant vote for a while.

    Additionally, we have analyzed the sites we are doing well but not the top on, and are trying to prioritize them.
    The 300 rupee reward given to topg and is now split up as 150 rupees and 5 tokens for:
    TopG, ServerPact, Minecraft-MP,

    So it is encouraged to at least vote for all 4 of those to get the bonus rupees.
    Also, there's been a lot of discussion on the economy and Diamond prices, so a few alterations here to push it to slow down a little.

    We increased the upper cap of diamonds given out to high streak levels. This will cause even more diamonds to enter the economy, helping put more supply against the demand, to slow the price rise down.

    Additionally, a player with a high streak level was receiving up to 600 rupees bonus per day, this has been reduced to 300.

    This should slow the rupee income down slightly, while increasing supply on diamond, hopefully slowing down price increases on diamonds.

    Then the other changes
    • Chicken added a new /res list +tag, so you can get a list of all residences that have a specific tag
    • Many internal Residence code cleanup, so let me know if you run into new bugs.
    • Senior Staff now uses WorldEdit selections to manage Residence Selections instead of the silly wooden axe.
    • Hopefully disabled Voxel Map's Radar and Cave Finder features
  2. Nicely Done :)
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  3. Nice changes :)
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  4. ohhhh this will make me wanna vote now lol
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  5. o: *Is suddenly motivated to start voting again* :p
    Nice :)
  6. I guess I'm gonna get back voting :D
  7. Did not know Voxel had cave finder but as for Radar Features, Since I am using a Beta Version of Voxel for 1.8; The Mob Radar still works if that answers your question for 1.8 concerns. Not sure if its possible to target a specific feature within a mod without disabling the entire mod. Though you're Aikar, so you'll probably figure something out xD
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  8. Both are still visible in 1.8 liteloader
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  9. Thanks!
    But sometimes, even voting All sites in 1 day, just increase 1 vote bouns.
    l use UTC time (seoul) - and not matching to EMC time.
    Just l have this problem?
    Anyway this is nice result to me - more days to need increase bouns
  10. So "//pos1 //pos2" instead of "punch punch"?
  11. I LOVE YOU
  12. SWEET! I had a streak of 90… took a few months off, lost it all. Yesterday I had a streak of 27, and I woke up this morning to a 87 streak! Nice :)
    But I did notice that on top, when I try to vote for my son, (he has an alt acct on the same computer) , it says he already voted. I think the site isn't noticing different accounts on the same PC.
  13. The sites track the IP as well as the account, which is what's causing you problems. You could vote on one site while your son's account votes on another and it would work fine :)
  14. That is correct. The only way to get around it would be to vote somewhere that has a different IP. A smartphone or while on free wifi somewhere would be great places.
  15. Why get rid of voxel map?
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  16. lol, i don't know how you didn't want to before.. 31k rupees for my 150th vote? lolol sure worth it :p
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  17. Only some slightly unbalanced capabilities that it provides
  18. See alot of motivation at people to start voting... I actually dont like the updates on them 0.o
    Because I everyday vote topG org, and that reward is halve of what it was now. Besides, the max rupee bonus at high streaks got lowered in place of diamonds, I rather have rupees.

    Just my opinion, not meaning to be complaining or annoying ;)
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  19. At current economics, the diamonds are worth more.

    And you can get the rupees up higher by voting on the top 4 sites.
  20. What capabilities?