Compass & Misc Updates - 12/31/15

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  1. Our last update of 2015!

    Introducing the Compass update!
    • Added 2015 New years firework to /shop
    • Blizz Ard no longer fights or takes damage from non players
    • New technology to let us deploy shop and tutorial updates w/o rebooting the servers!
    • Link in /map now points directly to where you currently are on the map
    • /dlog now provides a link to live map to where you died at
    • Staff Ranks are now displayed beside staff members names in tab list like it has for Aikar. (Dev, Mod, Sr. Staff, Comm. Mgr, Owner)
    • Added new /compass command (currently has some bugs but will be worked out)
      type to see current compass target
      - /compass bed - change compass target to point to your bed
      - /compass set x z - Set your compass to a specific point
      - /compass distance - Show current distance to your compass target
      - /compass death - Set your compass to your last death point
    • Minibosses will no longer despawn in tutorial
    • Server teleports under /spawn now send you back to town spawn on use to prevent server switching loops
    • Interacting with Note blocks now require redstone flag instead of build
    • Misc grammar/formatting fixes
    • /map [show/hide] now give feedback on use
    • Fixed bugs with Beds. If your bed was on a chunk line, it would likely fail if the only spawnable blocks were in a different, unloaded chunk. Now it should always work.
  2. What kind of things are you updating?
  3. The... fireworks in the shop?
  4. Aikar broke utopia :p
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  5. Yay! empty threads!
    • Awesome
    • 2K16!
    • !
  7. Sadly I can't celebrate with you all, My laptop may have gotten champagne spilled on it (long story)
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  8. Awesome! :)
  9. Happy new years, I uh really needed this compass update.
  10. Congrats Aikar! These are some pretty inventive additions! Love it.
  11. I know this is a minor thing but I love it. I'm always paranoid that I have it on lol Now there is confirmation!
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  12. Thank you so very much for this aikar! I need all the help I can get when it comes to navigation, expecially after I die and need to get back to that spot! !! >_<

    PS I'm sorry I missed your party :(