An Overview of Minecraft Update Threads on EMC

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    I've wanted to make this thread many times... And this week I wrote it! It took longer than expected. :p
    This is an overview of the threads on EMC that discussed specific Minecraft updates.
    For the updates that happened before I joined, I had to do some research. ;)

    Disclaimer: These are old, outdated threads. Do not reply to any of them. If you do, staff might have to start closing these, and that's unfortunate, as it creates extra work and doesn't look nice.

    Beta 1.8 - Released September 14, 2011
    The discussion thread for this update is one of the oldest on EMC! It was started by autonamus on August 4.

    1.0 - Released November 18, 2011
    I couldn't find a discussion thread for this update (but that doesn't necessarily mean there wasn't one), but JustinGuy made a thread on November 23. One day later, there was a thread discussing bugs in the version, started by CallMeTom.

    1.1 - Released January 12, 2012
    d1223m started a thread when the update was released:

    1.2 - Released March 1, 2012
    On February 15 Joshposh70 created a thread about a specific new feature, related to EMC: On March 22 Arcaniax made a thread about the new block types in 1.2.4. There were also two threads by JustinGuy related to the update, but if there are other discussion threads I won't feature the official EMC update threads, as that's not the scope of this overview.

    1.3 - Released August 1, 2012
    1.3 had plenty of discussion threads made.
    And because of that I will only list the main ones.

    As for general features, Twitch1 started the main thread shortly before release, on July 26: There was also quite some discussion on how EMC would handle some of the new features, and the biggest one of those was started by Antinanco_Ness, on July 18.

    1.4 - Released October 25, 2012
    1.4, the Pretty Scary Update, is the only update that had an official discussion thread on EMC. It was also the first update to have its main thread created as the first snapshots were coming out, instead of closer to release. It was started by chickeneer on August 24, and got over 300 replies: The OP was continually updated by chickeneer to include the most recent information.

    1.5 - Released March 13, 2013
    I joined EMC shortly after snapshots for this update started coming out. In my memory, xI_LIKE_A_PIGx had made the thread, but I now see that it was RainbowChin. He started the thread January 3rd. I think this was the first thread in which I participated, so you can read some of my very first English posts there. ;) Cute!

    1.6 - Released July 1, 2013
    There were several threads for this update, and I don't remember any of them. However, the main discussion thread seems to be the one by Melk73, created April 10th. There was also a thread about horses specifically: This one was started much later (but still a month before the official release), on May 31, by wisepsn.

    1.7 - Released October 25, 2013
    For this update, a lot of information was released before the first snapshot. SkyDragonv8 and I both made a thread on the same day! Sky's was first: Mine however included lots of pictures, and was regularly updated. As a result, mine was more popular, but I wanted to share Sky's thread as well, as it was slightly earlier, and does include some nice posts. When the first snapshots were actually released, the quality of my posts greatly dropped, and not much information was added. This was an update where most of the hype was in the teasers, not the snapshots! Although it was cool to try out the Amplified terrain for the first time.

    1.8 - Released September 2, 2014
    There was a lot of time between 1.7 and 1.8. SkyDragonv8 made the thread for it on July 1, 2014: There aren't too many posts in this thread, but it was the only relevant one I found.

    1.9 - Released February 29, 2016
    There was a lot more time yet between 1.8 and 1.9! Again, SkyDragonv8 made the main discussion thread. It was started on May 4th of 2015. The OP has been updated much later, and I don't recall what was in the original post. But if you read through the thread you can probably understand what was revealed or added when.

    1.10 - Released June 8, 2016
    Once again, the main thread was created by StoneSky. In the beginning, there wasn't too much in it, but he kept updating the OP. You can see a full, summarised, changelog there, now.

    1.11 - Released November 14, 2016
    The thread for 1.11 was created by me, during Minecon, on September 25. I did not update the EMC with information, but relied on other people to write about what they wanted to. Most of the informative posts were made by ShelLuser and ForeverMaster. The thread got over 250 replies!

    1.12 - Released June 7, 2017
    The thread for 1.12 was released by Unoski again (for those who are confused: SkyDragonv8, StoneSky and Unoski are the same account): Unoski didn't update the OP for this one, and ShelLuser played a very big role in documenting and discussing the features again.

    1.13 - Released July 18, 2018
    Another update that was over a year after the previous one. It doesn't feel that long! Originally, 1.13 was going to be a technical update, and 1.14 was going to be the Update Aquatic. These got merged, however. The first thread for 1.13 was created by ShelLuser on July 27th of 2017, but that was before snapshots were even coming out. After the first snapshot, he made a new thread:

    And that's it! I created a thread for 1.14, but we don't yet know when it will be released. ;)
    I am planning to update this thread after each update!
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  2. Nice summary :)
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  3. yes i like it i like it a lot
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  4. I appreciate this a lot 607. It's really neat to look back into the past!
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  5. Really interesting to see the gaps between updates; at the relative beginning of the game we had 1.1 and 1.2 two months apart, and most recently 1.12 and 1.13 have been over a year apart. Interesting to see the difference
  6. well yeah they are much bigger updates
  7. Yup. After 1.7 and 1.8 took so long, Mojang decided to make smaller updates. However, I now realised that 1.13 took a while again. :p But that's probably because, as I said, 1.13 was merged with the planned 1.14 to be one update.
    What's also interesting about the updates is that in the past, an update where only the third number changed could still add completely new features, while nowadays there are very few updates past the first release, and those that are made are usually just fixes and optimisations. I am not sure on this observation being fully grounded, but it feels like it.

    Oh, and thanks, EvilToade, belac and Otus!
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  8. It is really cool to see what features were added when! Thanks for this awesome thread :cool:
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  9. To see which features were added when you might better skim the Minecraft Wiki, but the cool thing about this is that you can see how they were first received by people from EMC!
    Edit: Although on the threads that had their OP continually updated (1.4, 1.9 and 1.10), I guess you've got quite a comprehensive and compact overview!
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  10. Oh man, 1.0 and 1.5 made me smile. Much simpler times with Minecraft, simpler times indeed. :)
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  11. Yeah for sure, the code got much more complex as well. More complicated engines and such
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  12. Jesus what a throwback huh
  13. Holy cow what
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  14. Well, I've accomplished something with this thread. :D
  15. 1.12.2? :p
    EDIT: I don't have a memory,
    1.11.1? :p

    Does that mean you're back? :D

    I know, probably not, but it would be nice :p


    Nice thread 607, It's always great to look back to old updates and see where we came from :)
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  16. What are you suggesting? I don't think 1.12.2 had any new features. :p
  17. *1.11.1

    -You can use rockets to propel yourself when flying with elytra.
    -Iron nuggets
    -Smelting tools gives nuggets
    -Sweeping edge enchantmet.
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  18. Ah, right! I was wrong, then. ;)