New horses in Minecraft!

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  1. Now I am starting to love the new horses. First, you can have chests for donkeys, horses have there unique sound, and horses are good for people trying to go fast to places, more for miners. I for one will LOVE the new update! :D Please tell me your opinions! Although the horses will be epic, Aikar will have a hard time making the horses work. But I might think that other servers will have the same problem as well. But that is the things about working on a server.

    Pros and cons of horses:

    You have a faster transportation without loosing your food hunger.
    You can get armour for your horses so if you bump in to any mobs in won't kill it.
    Donkeys will have the ability to have chests, so I am sure aikar could make locked chests for them with come kind of item that turns it locked. The downside would be if someone will kill the donkey.
    Horses spawn in PACKS now!
    Horses have incredible sounds.
    The my little pony bronies will LOVE this due to they can get texture packs to make them look like ponies.
    Takes a long time to tame them if you don't have any sugar.
    Players can kill peoples tame horses, which real be kind of upsetting if aikar couldn't do anything about them. IMO it should cost 1000 rupees to make donkeys unable to be killed by people that are not the owner of the horse.
    Players would be able to kill donkeys and steal there items, which would technically be PVP in a sort of way.

    Would appreciate if a mod or admin was reading this and would comment on how you will handle the donkeys.
  2. We also need a way to TP them between Town and the Wild/Wastelands.
  3. Another con would be while players are riding on horses, a person might kill the horse and thats like pvp. If it was a donkey then that is really technically pvp.
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  4. Agreed.
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  5. maybe they will make like a stable at each outpost where owned donkeys could be tied up so you can move stuff back and forth
  6. Thats is a reallly good idea and they could make it no killing mobs there maybe?
  7. well i was assuming that donkeys and horses could be owned like a chest making them invulnerable
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  8. Oh god if they spawn in packs they must want to eat us :eek:

    I'm sorry.

    No but they are called "Herds" not "Packs" :p

    Thank you for putting this under "Pros"
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  9. Cool...
    Call me a pony hater but the only real reason I like horses other than transport because I can image them being ponies then kill them.
    too many of my IRL friends are bronies and I'm kinda tired of it.
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  10. I could just imagine it :)
    Me riding on the majestic Princess Celestia :D
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  11. I could just imagine it :]
    Killing all the horses :D
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  12. Remind me to get a Jane the killer skin....
  13. You have no idea. Just pressed in those words thinking the were hyperlinks...
  14. Nick isn't a fan of MLP if you haven't got that by this point XD
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  15. I heard that "leads" aren't a craft item SMPs (only creative mode) which may be needed to tame horses. Is this true? Would "shop" sell them I wonder...
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  16. Yes, this is a great idea. Especially since saddles aren't exactly easy to come by and I'm not going to want to leave my horse someplace where it could be stolen or killed. The ability to ride the horses around the town world would be cool too I think.
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  17. And into Mob Arena!
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  18. Not PVP
    PVP - Player Vs player
    I for one am not a horse or a donkey.
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  19. No, leads are craftable with string and a slimeball, so there is no need to worry. I for one will certainly be tying up some iron golems to my house in a survival world. :) Sometimes I think the leads are just as exciting as the horses. And then I slap myself. :p
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