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Nov 16, 2020
Mar 23, 2013
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Nov 16, 2020
    1. khixan
      -cries- I missed the bone block auction :( Just saw it.
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      2. Tiburok
        oh no, khixan, I am so sorry you've been hurt! Have you gotten treatment for it? I really hope your arm will be okay. If there's anything I can do to help you, please let me know.
        Jul 15, 2020
      3. khixan
        Thanks. Yep I've been to orthopedic surgeon, MRI, xray, blah blah. The chiropractor turned out to have the best/shortest treatment for it. It is painful. He thinks I sprained it badly initially, didn't go to doctor immediately for proper treatment... end result, they all agree it's adhesive capsulitis.
        Jul 16, 2020
      4. Tiburok
        okay. Would you like me to ask my dad if he has any recommendations? He is a doctor and I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
        Jul 16, 2020
    2. Jay2a
      Is your signature an enemy from Risk of Rain? I've never seen that enemy before, but it looks like something that you'd find in that game.
    3. Brattygull1631
      Hey man! As a part of my official resignation off of EMC, i have left you all the stuff i owned. Go to my res and you should fine several chests that you have access too, take what you want from them but make sure you do it before my res restarts. You should also find a ore buster than has been lightly used along with 20 diamonds in your sort machine. Bye man, i had a great time knowing you on EMC!
      1. Tiburok
        Aw, it's sad to see you go, but I wish you the absolute best in life and everything you have going on. Thank you for the stuff, it will not be wasted.
        Jul 12, 2014
    4. wwii1992
      Здравствуйте, Как ты? Хорошо?
    5. wwii1992
      Здравствуйте Михаил! как дела? Gosh. My Russian keyboard is messing as of lately, Might have to buy new one..
    6. Gorin
      Congrats on winning the september day 1-10 voting :)
      1. Tiburok
        Sep 15, 2013
    7. Brattygull1631
      Tiburok is cool, he's chill, kind, and funny. He's another great addition to the EMC family!
    8. plasma131
      Can we meet on your smp or whatever and than I can buy the game?
      1. Tiburok
        Yes. My res is 18040 on smp9
        Aug 28, 2013
      2. plasma131
        K ill try to get the server has been 64-80/60 players since the reboot
        Aug 28, 2013
      3. plasma131
        Try to get on*
        Aug 28, 2013
    9. kishcake
      Great Friend!
    10. Adderwolf71
      Welcome to the Empire! Which is a little late, especially considering you are older than me....... :P
    11. Olga
      Nooooo, I have 44 followers! :P
    12. Tazri
      Heeeelloooo and welcome to the Empire Tiburok!!!! I hope you have fun!!!!
    13. Olga
      I love you already.
    14. 607
      Welcome to the empire!
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