Snapshots for 1.16

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  1. So snapshot 20w06a was released yesterday and it looks pretty cool. The nether looks completely different now with three new biomes. There is a new rare metal for armor and tools that are better than diamond. I was wondering if anyone else has tried it out yet, and if so, what are your thoughts about it?
  2. Netherite a liquid glowing metal i think I heard. I have yet to try the snapshot out.
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  3. It's not liquid. It's dark gray and as hard as obsidian. There is a mushroom light source that looks kinda like glowing metal.
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  4. Nether, Nether, Nether I must now live in the nether.
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  5. I hope they fix ghast spawning in the soulsand valley. Any any given moment, there are like 5-10 ghasts over head. It seems like overkill.
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  6. Then add the fact any those get to turn into enraged versions :confused:

    I do like the idea of the new ingots. No more losing your armour in the lava! :D
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  7. I especially like the fact that the pick has ~500 more durability than diamond pick- I can mine more before repairing. The only down side is that it looks like this netherite stuff is fairly rare I heard?
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  8. Apparently ancient debris (used to smelt netherite) spawns in amounts of no more than four per chunk. And in veins of 1-3
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  9. Please noo i only want emc to update to 1.15 not 1.16 meaning more time lol
    I know it will hopefully be out before 1.16
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  10. But i like the snapshot

    Might be the foundations for a cave update
  11. You mean perfect place for a ghast farm and finally a good gunpowder farm?
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  12. Ah, I had not yet heard of this!

    Here's the slicedlime video.

    I'll hopefully watch it later today. :)
  13. Love the new netherite stuff; the armor/tools look fantastic, the new netherite block is going to be indispensable (though highly expensive) in builds. The blue lanterns/torches are going to be great as well.

    However, after flying around in the nether for a bit, the terrain generation needs a lot of work in my opinion. The new biomes are simply too common, to the point where it's less "otherworldly" and more just a chaotic mess. Also would like the visual graphic of the ambiance switching from red to blue (and vice versa) to transition more smoothly... right now the quick flashes to red and blue as you cross through the patchwork of biomes is a bit sloppy.
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  14. Everywhere, the diamond ore is crying. lol
  15. I tested out the snapshot just last night with creative mode and just about where I spawned in I made a nether portal and was put in a small corner with a small section of a warped forest. When I headed towards the open area opposite of it I found a very long stretch of warped forest that just looked amazing.

    I used TNT, and lots of it, blasting my way down to bedrock and with a decent sized crater I found just 4 pieces of netherite. I look forward to finding it and the new nether biomes one day when it is released and we can get it in EMC when the time comes.
  16. I more or less discovered the new snapshot last night by accident and well, today took a closer look. It's definitely not finished (doh) but it looks very promising. The one thing which does worry me a little is what effect this will eventually have. I don't mind more activity in the nether, but it would be cool if it could remain a bit of a desolate place which has more places of interest...

    I'm also not too sure I enjoy the lush and bright color scheme... for me it doesn't quite add up to the "Hellish" theme which is constant in the Nether. Maybe tone the brightness a bit down perhaps?

    The new blocks and new crafting options do look awesome though... I'm quite a fan:

    From left to right: crimson stem, stripped crimson stem & crimson planks. Ancient debris & netherrite block in the middle, and warped stem, stripped warped stem & warped planks.

    And finally around the whole thing is bassalt (on the ground), the block has multiple textures and can be placed in different ways. This is pretty cool stuff because you can smelt the debris into scraps and then use 4 scraps + 4 gold ingots to craft one netherrite ingot, which you can use to upgrade diamond armor. It looks quite amazing...

    Although I'm a little skeptic about bringing overworld mechanics into the Nether (having gras and growing trees) one has to admit that it does look pretty cool and...

    Things still work quite differently in the nether.. one "tree" (it's actually crimson fungus) can be made up of different stuff as you can see above. Crimson stem, wart blocks, weeping vine and of course shroomlight. In other words: you can now 'grow' light blocks, that's quite bizarre, right?

    The only thing that worries me is the ghast 'explosion'. Within a range of 100 blocks I had 12 - 15 ghasts, that's a bit too much for my liking. But on a positive note the new /locatebiome command is IMO a step in the right direction of giving us players full(er) control over our world (if we want to of course).

    Still.. seeing is believing. I really hope that we'll finally get a real function for the (craftable!) fletching and smithing tables. I still think it's stupid that they added crafting recipes for those two tables, yet those blocks don't do anything for us players. Effectively risking that you waste your materials on them.

    Oh well ;)
  17. I went to make a new alt today in celebration of the new nether biomes and AncientDebris was taken 2 days ago.
  18. I've got to say, I like the idea of the Netherite! Was that taken out of a mod? It does not seem familiar to me! It seems quite original.
    And I also like the blue fire, although that is of course taken from a mod. ;)
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  19. So I thought no snapshots had been released since this, as I hadn't heard anything about it here... and then I realised this thread is only about the first snapshot. :p There is no other 1.16 thread, however.
    Considering that new big changes are still happening for 1.16, shall we change this thread's purpose (and the title) to be about 1.16 snapshots in general, or should a new thread be created (preferably linking back to this one)? What do you think, Tailchaser?
  20. I don't mind if someone wants to change the title. Maybe "Snapshots for 1.16" or something.
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