Snapshots for 1.16

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  1. Gets the popcorn and gets the microphone.

    Dispensers and sheep with shears?

    Drops microphone and walks away
    I know this was a 1.15 feature or so but its kinda the same to bartering
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  2. That's not even an exploit, that's intentional. Plus it requires entities going through portals so it doesnt work anyway. But it can be done with players too, but that's more of a pain than just taking down the end pillars and resummoning the dragon.
  3. I disagree. In that case the description of the subforum would be wrong. Because not everything "has that perspective skew to it": [controversial] Handling of COVID-19 (coronavirus disease), [FORUM GAME] Guess the Word and [POLL] Best Movie Series/Trilogy/Saga/Etc. are just three examples of many recently active threads that seem to have had nothing to do with Empire Minecraft.
    But considering that you, an admin, think it's okay and because this is not my thread, I'll let it be. But I'm out of here, as at this point I am not expecting any relevant posts. ;) (I am curious if this has happened to previous snapshot threads as well. It likely has, judging from how subtly it went now and your response to it. I'll check, using my overview thread! (which is due an update :$))
  4. Not an admin. But okay.... You are welcome to hold any opinion you like.
  5. How's he getting admin? Chicken only just got mod ;)
  6. gratz on mod chicken
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  7. yo what the h*ck happened here
  8. calm down ok its just a thread
  9. Regardless... y'all are so chatty above that you are missing actual new features, haha.

    For those who haven't heard, the Piglin Brute is an upcoming mob for a future 1.16.x update, currently being tested in Bedrock edition. He's like the piglin, but with tons of health, very strong, and always hostile (he doesn't care about your gold armor).

    Now... if Mojang basically handed us a ready-made Enraged Pigman in the form of the piglin brute... just imagine how vicious the Enraged Piglin Brute would be. Enraged Enraged, my friends. You'd best hope the Devs are really busy with other things for years to come.
  10. This is really interesting! It's not often that you see mob additions outside of main releases. The brutes definitely look tough! 22.5 hearts of health (For reference, the wither has 150 and a ravager has 50)
  11. That's really cool! I can't think of any naturally enraged versions of otherwise normal mobs. The closest I can think of is the wither skeletons as opposed to normal skeletons, but I feel like that can be up for debate.
    I can't wait until we update to season 16 :D
  12. To be honest, mojang played it smart. Because now it’s way harder to find quartz ore just by walking around. I think they had to give us another way to get quartz. Otherwise we would be digging and stuff
  13. not gonna touch on the piglin bartering or villager trading, but as someones who's been playing in 1.16 nether, Quartz does not feel any rarer than previous versions. whiles its possible that is actually less common, it does not feel like it in my opinion.
  14. I don't think thats its Less rare, im saying in the new biomes its way harder to just run around the nether and see tons of Quartz
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  15. So, umm, snapshot 20w27a was released today for version 1.16.2. In addition to adding the much-talked-about Piglin Brute, a very old bug was fixed, for which I'm glad.
    This is the description in the bug report:

    I'm sure this has caused many deaths over the years and I'm glad it's finally fixed.
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  16. Wait that was actually a bug and not a feature??
    and they FIXED it!?
  17. Ooooooooo
    This was one of my least favourite features
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  18. Well, I am glad we didn't close this thread, as a new snapshot came out. :eek: This update held so many surprises in store!
    Indeed, it is remarkable that that bug was fixed. It's been in the game since sneaking was introduced, right?
    Actually, I haven't seen talk about it. :p It would seem to me that it is overpowered. Piglins themselves are already very strong, but at least you can have them stay off you when you're wearing gold armor. I suppose the reason for this addition is wanting players to stay away from those blackstone structures until the endgame?
  19. 1.16 looks cool. I'm currently trying it out on another Minecraft Server (shall not be named here) and it's quite interesting. I'm curious what the Nether generation is like now, because the server decided to reload the Nether, specifically due to the 1.16 update.

    I lost my nether pathway that I created to get super far in the overworld, but it'll be quite an adventure to see how I'll link my two nether portals in the 1.16 underworld. :)
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