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  1. Snapshot announcements now appear on minecraft.net and no longer mojang.com. A bit harder to find but oh well.

    Here are the features so far...
    • Magma Blocks burn infinitely
    • 16 Glazed Terracotta blocks
      • Crafted by smelting hardened clay
      • Patterned blocks (shown on bottom of the first image)
      • Tiled and can change orientations.
    • Concrete
      • Crafted with 4 sand, 4 gravel, and 1 dye.
      • The powder turns to solid concrete upon contact with water.
      • Close to solid coloring (powder and concrete shown in middle of picture)
    • Wool palette altered.
      • Affects sheep, banners, maps
    • Creative mode has the ability to save hotbars
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  2. Just saw the update myselve, I really like the new concteate :)
  3. o, you beat me with the thread lol

    Aside from that I LOVE the glazed terracotta blocks, looks like they'll open up a whole lot of options! As for concrete, it just looks like brighter hardened clay to be quite frankly honest.
  4. This is neat and all but why they insist in adding more full blocks before adding much more desired stairs and slabs first. And vertical slabs.. making it happen guys.
  5. This must happen.
  6. I agree, but more solid blocks add much more colors to a builder's pallet I'd love to see some grass block stairs and slabs, but more colors/shades of colors never hurts. Also, vertical slabs.
  7. Fair point. My design skills reach as far as 4 plain walls so I didn't think of that :D

  8. #1: We don't have anymore numerical block IDs for more stairs/slabs. But Grum is working on removing the limit, so they can add more block types.



    #2: More stairs/slabs first is biased towards hardcore MC builders. If that happened before now, these newer blocks we're getting would be unavailable, for the same reason I just pointed out: the current Block ID limits.

    Plus, vertical slabs will never come to Vanilla. Grum has said several times no, on Reddit.
  9. If it was possible, why not?
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  10. In the data system Minecraft is still using for years at this very moment:

    *As of 17w06a, there are only 2 unused block ID left (255 is Structure Blocks).


    *It costs one block ID to add a stair block.
    This is because stairs have eight base orientations plus shapes for corners.

    *Slabs require two blocks IDs, but unlike stairs, they don't use all of the 16 metadata values available in each ID.
    Two metadata values in one ID are used for single slabs, and usually one or two in another ID for double slabs.

    If you could choose to have more stair and slab blocks over all of the full-sized blocks up to now, you would have to give up 20+ block IDs, meaning removing 20+ block types from the game.


    Sorry if this is confusing to understand. Basically, Mojang practically cannot add anymore blocks, until Grum steps in with a new data system.
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  11. I really think they should have changed magma block behavior: when mined with a regular pickaxe I'd rather see them turn to lava, while when mined with a silk pick you'll get the block back. It would add more realism and a little more challenge.

    Because right now I think they're waay too easy. Just crouch and you'll be safe.

    Other than that... Not sure what to think of this update. I definitely like the idea of colored blocks which aren't easy to get (so it's still a challenge), but it's probably not a really useful addition for me because my building skills aren't that great yet.

    Hmm, I wonder what the difference in behavior between powder and concrete is :)

    Personally I only hope for one thing: that they fixed the brewing stands. That's a major annoyance for me: hoppers can no longer push water bottles into brewing stands, but everything else does work.
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  12. How do magma blocks burn infinitely?
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  13. Sorry guys, but I have disappointing news :eek:

    Those new blocks you're looking out for? Totally not worth it. In fact, I've conducted some scientific experiments (and because I call it that it has to be good) and I came to the conclusion that hardened clay is actually better than those concrete blocks! :D

    A bold statement to make, I know, but please hear me out.

    So I set up a test case:

    Left: Concrete, Back: Concrete dust, Right: Hardened clay, Floor: Terracotta + one row of wool.

    That floor looks really neat, you can easily combine and establish patterns. But it stands no chance against hardened clay ;)

    So I added 3 TNT and made a run for it:

    And the result should be obvious:

    Only 3 blocks of hardened clay survived, obviously making them better than those other blocks :D
  14. With flint & steel, just like netherrack.

    If you set grass block on fire (for example) then it'll go out after a while. But a magma block will keep burning and continues to set other blocks on fire.
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  15. These new patterns remind me of Las Vegas and the 70's. Just out there and easy to replace if something should go wrong. :eek:
  16. I would have preffered the white concrete actually white, but oh well! This is gonna be one of my favorite updates!
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  17. You're assuming EMC's major tnt nerfs won't take these blocks into account :p Most likely will be impervious to explosions on EMC.
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  18. The concrete blocks look epic, I especially like the cyan one! 1.12 is very colorful :p
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  19. I think they might've meant the magma blocks to be lava that started the process of cooling to rock but still is hot enough to hurt.
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  20. The new blocks will be extremely useful in making intricate designs for large buildings with less effort if you're find with the way they look.
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