1.5 Snapshots Thread

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  1. Well, I am yet to see any 1.5 snapshots thread yet, I thought that I would take the (hopefully) honours! :)
    (So long as Chickeneer doesn't want to do one lol)

    Snapshots so Far
    13wo1a (look below)

    But anyway, here goes .....

    They give off a redstone signal based on if one input is greater than or equal to another.
    For more information, check out Dinnerbone's explanation here.

    Daylight Detector Blocks
    Simple enough really, they give off a redstone when it's day.
    Doesn't when it's night.
    They also give of a weaker signal as the day goes by.
    (Lower light level=lower signal)

    Hopper Blocks
    Still marked as "Work in Progress" (it has no sprite in the inventory).
    When placed over a chest, furnace, dispenser or brewing stand any items dropped into it will be put into the item below.
    They can also be used to take items in and out of chest minecarts! :p

    Trapped Chests
    Another redstone addition, these give off a redstone signal whenever opened.
    The signal given off only has a strength of 1, however, so repeaters will probably be needed.
    (Increases as more people are looking in the chest)
    Also, they do not combine with normal chests, allowing for more compact and efficient storage systems.

    Weighted Pressure Plates
    Special type of plates that only activate when items are dropped on them.
    Increase in signal strength as more items are dropped on them.
    Max strength at 60 and 600 respectively.

    Block of Redstone
    A craftable block that essentially acts as a pushable redstone torch.
    Giving off a full redstone signal.

    Nether Quartz Ore
    Found in the nether, drops nether Quartz when mined.

    Nether Quartz
    Used to craft Comparators and Daylight Detectors.

    Nether Bricks Item
    Crafted from smelting netherrack in a furnace.
    Can then be crafted into the now named Nether Brick blocks.

    For a more detailed look into some of the features, be sure to check out this video.
    With thanks to Terminator908 for showing this.
  2. Oh my! You have got me all giddy ^_^
  3. Oh my gosh, I can't wait for that Redstone Block...
  4. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg IM SO EXCITED!!!!!
  5. *gasp* Just noticed that the images are broken, i'll get to fixing.
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  7. Well lol, let's just be glad that he doesn't go on theses forums, he would have beat me to this thread.
    Oh god yes, I wan't that in my life
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  8. Wow! I'm going to love this update!
  9. I'm not really a redstone enthusiast so this update does not look to exciting to me!:p
  10. YES! Daylight detectors, for streetlights! NETHER ORES! So excited! :D
  11. Ermahgerd peeps we mst rest the nthr fir dis111!!!11!1!1!1!1!
    Not looking forward to that-_-
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  12. Updated the OP with more info on Daylight Detectors, Hopper Blocks and Trapped Chests.
  13. I just had the greatest idea with a combo of the daylight detector and the redstone block.
  14. I just got a dual blaze too. So I ain't gonna be a happy camper if it does.
  15. I don't like the day sensor. It should invert the signal itself. Why would you want lights on during the day?
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  16. Personally I don't like this update- I like 1.4 too much :)
  17. I don't that will happen, there is too much important player created stuff in there, just like wild.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the quartz will spawn in newly generated chunks.
    One thing's for sure, the Comparator and Daylight Sensor will be quite expensive on release.
    One block and a redstone torch and you can invert the signal, simple really.
  18. You could use it to power open piston doors? Then it would close them when the monsters start spawning.
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  19. Yep :)
    Although I might add that I have found the Sensor to be quite buggy, it doesn't really detect the change very well.
    But I imagine that this will be fixed next snapshot.
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  20. My idea was to make a daylight sensor and have a sticky piston with a redstone block attached to it and a redstone wire to lamps so when the daylight sensor is off there is signal, when it is on, no signal.