Official 1.4 Snapshots Thread

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  1. OFFICIAL 1.4.2 Pre-Release! Download here

    You can still Force Update - but here is a link to the jar file for 1.3.2 - Here
    Keep in mind that you can not play EMC with any version other than 1.3.2

    This Page has all of the new Features and Shtuff involved with 1.4 including some things I missed. Here

    EDIT: I am Putting all older Screenshots in Spoiler Tabs to reduce space, and here is some links to other updates in this thread.

    Snapshot 12w34b
    Halloween update Post also check out this thread on the possible release of 1.4 - Vote!
    Snapshot 12w36a
    Wither/ Wither Skeletons
    Snapshot 12w37a
    Snapshot 12w38a
    Snapshot 12w39a
    Snapshot 12w40b
    Snapshot 12w42b

    Here are the Snapshot Download Links from Mojang... Click here for my Brief Tutorial on how to install Snapshots
    Snapshot 12w32a
    Snapshot 12w34a
    Snapshot 12w34b
    Snapshot 12w36a
    Snapshot 12w37a
    Snapshot 12w38b
    Snapshot 12w39a
    Snapshot 12w40b
    Snapshot 12w41b
    Snapshot 12w42b

    Hey Empire Minecraft! This is chickener, starting up a thread for all 1.4 snapshots. I plan on posting about NEW features - not bug fixes, and will include custom screenshots from yours truly :p I will post the newest snapshot shortly after it is released

    For anyone who wants to see the "official" page where the snapshots are released - click here or there for where I got some of this information.

    Feel free to discuss what you do or don't like. Keep it under control though :)

    First off - Snapshot 12w32a - August 9, 2012 Download Link

    Updates to Villager Trading - villagers will no longer remove trades, but you may have to trade something else to renew those old trades.

    Additionally they will react positively on new trades, but will react negatively if you hurt them.

    Zombies, Skeletons, and Zombie Pigmen now wear some of the equipment that they drop - including but not limited to Iron Spades, Iron Armor, Gold Armor, and enchanted Bow (Power I).

    Added a new kind of zombie - Zombie Villagers
    Zombie Spawn Eggs can spawn zombie villagers.
    Zombie villagers can naturally spawn
    Zombie Villagers can be cured by first using a Splash Potion of Weakness, then right-clicking with a Golden Apple.

    The Command Block is inserted into the game - Can run server commands when triggered by a redstone signal.

    Mojang also leaked "beacon blocks"
    Beacon Blocks - when placed upon a pyramid of Diamond, Emerald, Gold, or Iron - can give the player several powers including speed, hast, resistance, Jump Boost, Strength, and Regeneration.

    Several commands were added to the game, mainly oriented towards the Adventure Mode.
    Including doFireTrick, mobGriefing, keepInventory, doMobSpawning, doMobLoot, doTileDrops, /difficulty, /gamerule, /spawnpoint, and /weather

    Finally, a Night Vision potion can be found in the Creative Inventory, but there was no Brewing recipe yet... yes this screenshot was taken at night

    Snapshot 12w34a - August 23, 2012 Download Link

    Big Snapshot, with lots of features; let's get started

    I will begin with the one item that will soon be an important part of almost all businesses here on EMC - Item Frames.

    Item Frames are used to display items and are crafted similar to paintings except with leather instead of wool. It does take an item to place in the frame which you can retrieve later when you destroy it. After you put the item in - you can rotate it 90 Degrees all the way around.

    Cobblestone Walls behave similarly to fences, they also come in Mossy Cobble.

    Flower Pots, crafted with bricks, can now be placed to hold Roses and Dandelions.

    Edit: Flower Pots can also hold other Plants and items... Cactus, Food for Dogs, etc.

    Map mechanics have been updated - they now align to a grid; so it is easier to create "adjacent" maps. They can also be cloned now. I had trouble figuring out how to operate the new features including scaling; but I know that you start recording a map by right-clicking.

    Stairs now auto-arrange into corners

    Mobs and all entities can now travel through portals - such as a Nether Portal and the End

    Leather Armor can now be dyed.
    You can right'click a full cauldron to remove the dye
    Tamed Wolves' collars can also now be dyed.

    Potatoes and Carrots were added to the game - they can be planted like Wheat seeds.
    Zombies have a chance to drop Carrots and Potatoes.

    A baked Potato can be obtained by cooking potatoes in a furnace.
    Golden Carrots can be crafted similar to Golden Apples.
    Poisonous Potatoes were also added to the game, although they are not available outside of creative yet...

    Wooden Buttons are added to the game. They function the same as a stone button, but they are now arrow-sensitive.

    Trapdoors can now be place in the upper half of a block (top-most)

    Added another Potion - Invisibility.
    Both the Invisibility and Night-Vision Potions have brewing recipes.

    Fire spreads differently depending on the difficulty.

    And finally, Something to chew on. A new mob has been added to the Game. Wither
    He has a boss Health Bar similar to the Ender Dragon.
  2. 1.3 is barely here lets hold off on the 1.4 stuff for awhile
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  3. The snapshots have me all excited though :D

    Edit: The Last Gap was only 4 Months!

    None of the features in the snapshots so far, take as much development as 1.3 did though.
  4. So where do you think the wither boss will be?
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  5. Woooow
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  6. I would be very surprised if they add a new world just for this boss... A big question also is - Will there be more than one of these... If there will be multiple of them - they could be just about anywhere. Or, there may be a new structure that is generated with the world that houses this boss (similar to strongholds or Mineshafts)

    The wiki says that it shoots exploding bullets that breaks nearby blocks. This makes me think of him coming to your base and attacking you - even chasing you when view is blocked. Perhaps there is a way to "summon" it... My bets are it is an overworld boss
  7. I honestly think this is awesome. Right now, though, I'm waiting for the Tekkit update :3
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  8. I hope the wither isnt in the overworld, I'd be scared out of my wits.
  9. This update will be awesome just like 1.3, but not as awesome. Wither's poison you with their explosive arrows and they make your hearts show up black. Can't wait for the spuds and carrots....I have always wanted more crops in minecraft, and the colored armor will help with like different teams or positions in a wild base or whatever.
    Just gimme dem SPUDS so I can make hashbrowns out of dem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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  10. I bet Max will make a shoe shop with colored boots xD
  11. I forgot to mention this is an awesome thread chicken, I will need to follow it all the way to 1.4!!!!!
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  12. I will help her, and we will have teh bestest shoe shop EVAAAR.
  13. Well I studied the wiki's Page on Wither.

    It drops the same amount of XP as like a creeper - so it must not be Super Rare. It doesn't seem like a nether mob. It might not spawn often though - we don't know what it drops yet... My bets are still on Overworld
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  14. o.... my... god...
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  15. One question, actually two....on those picture frames, what is that brown colored bucket, I thought maybe a bowl, but it just looks like a bucket. And my second question is the first painting, with the sword/ that a sword, or a dagger.
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  16. We are all so screwed.....WHY JEB?!? WHY??
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  17. More bosses? Sounds good to me.
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  18. Looks great!
    Ideas for Minecraft:
    Ice Cream
    Knives (Weapons, can be used to cut melons, pumpkins more effieciently. Can be used to cut potatos and carrots - Potato Slice (Gives you half of what full potato gives you same with carrot)
    can be used to hurt people as seen above; kills in 7 hits)
    Official Mod Support (Not so good with mods, so don't know if it would work, but the most popular mods get supported by MC and you can download them on then you're set.
    Adding more soon.
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  19. So. Many. Harts.
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  20. What?
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