1.4 Release?

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Do you think Mojang will have 1.4 done in time for Halloween?

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Yes 50 vote(s) 87.7%
No 7 vote(s) 12.3%
  1. EDIT: The aimed for Release Date of 1.4 is October 24th!!!

    A recent Tweet from @Jeb_ included ... "Halloween Update?"

    This could mean that they have set a goal to have the 1.4 update to release sometime during October (Probably closer to Halloween itself) Just 2 Months away.
    This would put the gap between 1.3 and 1.4 just 3 Months (compared to the 4 Month gap between 1.2.5 and 1.3)

    The purpose of this thread is to share this valuable information and get feedback on when you think the release will be.

    You can discuss some of the new features in this thread :)
  2. :O Halloween EMC party?
  3. I do know it will dubbed the "Pretty Scary" update, as they were adding decorations and such at first and now there adding scary stuff.
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  4. That's weird. I don't follow Jeb or anything, but when my friend said something about when it came out, I said

    "Eh, Halloween?"
  5. Halloween isn't to far away :D which makes me excited
  6. Herobrine RETURNS#@!%!#Y$E JNT^

    Happy Halloween.. :)
  7. Yep
  8. Or maybe he never left....
    *Insert theme for X-Files here*
  9. I have heard rumours of a September 26 release but it comes from a pretty unreliable source.
  10. Now,Chickeneer halloween is this month, Prepare to be scared *SssssssBOOM*:p
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  11. I, I just don't like herobrine, its like minecraft slender, but I'm not afraid of slender, but a computer game....?
  12. Ya, i heard in the 1.8 snapshot there was a "Herobrines Sister" it was weird
  13. Giving this thread a Bump. Updated the OP with the information that Mojang has stated:
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  14. Directly from Mojang themselves:
    "We’re now fully into the “prepare for release” mode, so we’ve almost only worked on bug fixing and performance. We’ve decided to aim for October 24 for the full Pretty Scary Update." - Mojang

    This quote is the first 2 sentences of the 12w40a update. Should be seeing 1.4 7 days before Halloween so maybe Bukkit will be stable in time for a Halloween Party. :)
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  15. I immediately think of an IRL Halloween Party. lol
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  16. That, is exactly 1 month, from my birthday.
  17. Actually, Endermen are based off of Slender Man.
  18. So your birthday is September 24 or did you mean exactly 1 month before your birthday making it November 24?
  19. i dont think they will finish the new flatland thing
  20. Time for some wither action!