1.3 pre-release

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  1. Some preliminary testing with the pre-release has shown wonderful promise.
    The harvestable cocoa beans is great.
    The trip wires are interesting but not overly exciting by any means... They work like a pressure plate that can be deactivated.
    Where things got interesting though is gaining levels and enchanting. :)
    This is the layout for max enchants I set up in my creative world:

    You only need 15 bookshelves to get 30 each time, but it looks better with 16 :)
    You can only go 2 high and it has to have that space in the middle to function. You cant put it overhead, 3 blocks high or touching the enchantment table.
    I am sure others will create more interesting designs with only 15 book shelves but I personally did not like having everything at 1 level with a single access point... I would build mine this way and surround it in glass and wool for design purposes. :)

    This is the perfect setup to utilize minimal resources:

    Plain and boring IMO. :)

    Oh yea, rotatable logs :)
  2. I am waiting till the Full Release before trying it, I have read all of the changes, but I think it will still take me off guard :D
  3. This is the final code, it is just a pre-release so Bukkit, CraftBukkit, CraftBukkit++ and MOD Programmers can get a head start on their work before the code gets pushed to the client and you will no longer be able to Force Update 1.2.5

    Take the time now to take a copy of 1.2.5 and store it somewhere safe, just in case you ignore the DO NOT UPDATE post that will be up in the next few days...
  4. when it comes out i will move my .minecraft and let it make a 1.3 .minecraft so i can play 1.2.5 and 1.3
  5. Quick question- I have Rei's Minimap installed- When I install 1.3; will it keep the Waypoints (I know I will still need to install the Mod) And is there a folder with all of those in it?
  6. Twitch, how badly is the enchanting in the pre-release?

    If it's really all that bad, I'm not going to bother finishing this 12x :/
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  7. As long as you don't delete your .minecraft folder, they will be stored. However, they are also located in the config files.
    I will give you a definitive location later... I am actually still running 1.3 and will have to pull down all the MODs again... :)
  8. How do you make a copy of your 1.2.5 minecraft now?
  9. I'll post what I got from 10 swords done at lvl 30. :)
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  10. Okay, thanks bud. :) <3
  11. Go into .minecraft/bin/ copy your minecraft.jar and paste it somewhere else. Alternatively, copy your entire .minecraft and paste it somewhere else, just in case you want to play the 1.3 official while we upgrade the servers.
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  12. Thank you twitch
  13. Results of 300 XP used to enchant 6 Diamond and 4 Gold swords:
    Knockback II, Smite IV
    Bane of Arthropods IV
    Smite V, Fire Aspect II
    Looting II, Smite IV, knockback II
    Sharpness IV, Fire Aspect II
    Knockback II, Sharpness III

    Kockback II, Sharpness IV
    Bane of Arthropods IV, Looting II, Knockback II
    Sharpness IV, Looting III
    Knockback III

    I didn't do gear because although you can cheat in 5000XP as much as you want, I don't have a macro binded for Minecraft so I can't do it as simply as I would like. (I have a G9x, no need for Mod Macros but I am just lazy. :p)
  14. So it seems as if enchants are more easily achievable, thus the prices will drop?
  15. Easy achievable? Seems like bunch of lame swords for highest level to me...
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  16. I am sure those who do the enchanting have a much better method than me..
    I just put in a sword and took the 30 level each time. I am not big on enchanting but yes getting levels will be much easier. I never found "XP" to be worthwhile when it was only from monsters... This is something that Dark_Liz had brought up before and it is good to see even Mojang realized it was ridiculous.
    I haven't even looked into Emarld trading yet, I will do that later on. I gotta go to the doctor in an hour, so I gotta shower, change and drive to the clinic... :) No worries, just a medication evaluation and refill. :)
  17. Do writable books function well?
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  18. Well, yeah, you'll get to the highest level faster and therefore be able to enchant more stuff, so i suppose it's "easier".
    Still, pretty lame swords you got there :) Well, golden ones are ok but that's obvious.
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  19. So, that being said, it'll likely be the same. Still at max level, you're not guaranteed something mega epic.
  20. So did Mojang not get around to all that background stuff like the new system that would make modding easier, or does the wiki just not list that?