1.17-- holy crap

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  1. Yes! Finally!!! I am now a very happy miner! :D

  2. Agreed! :D
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  3. You better. :rolleyes:

    I didn't watch the live event (they don't engage me anymore since they are not in-person... although I just realised that this year it couldn't have been in person anyway :p).
    I did see this picture, though!

    The promised mountain update and the coveted cave update in one!

    Yeah, it seems like they've changed course? I am pretty sure that the idea was to not release an update as big as 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9 ever again, and make smaller updates instead, with a big focus on bug fixes and stability improvement as well.
  4. I think you can summarize the 1.17 like this Waffee:

  5. I barely even watched the stream... so I wouldn't be able to add much now, currently waiting for MC Wiki to stop being vandalised and stuff so I can summarise :p
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  6. Here's a very short video with a very great amount of information!

    They're actually changing cave generation?? That's bold! :eek: Cave generation is one of the defining features of Minecraft, and honestly, I think they're great. Hopefully it will only improve, though... and maybe they'll find a way to make it so that the old cave characteristics still have a chance of appearing too!
    Also, a new ore? :eek: I wonder if it will be used for anything other than building. I would suppose so! I was wondering if they would let it change colour, and they actually did. xD I wonder if there will be a way to stop that from happening, though. Maybe there shouldn't!
    The axolotls are great! :D
    I'm very curious about the creator tools!
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  7. Goats!! We need them to add tamable dragons. Like you go to the end and instead of killing the dragon you can try to tame it but the catch is that it's super hard to tame but once you do it you have a winged friend to fly around on.
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  8. Dunno about dragons but flying mounts would be nice.

    While others may think the axolotl may be pink and cute, I don't feel quite the same way. IRL and they're like salamanders with exposed gills.

    Do like the new motion-detecting blocks and sounds they come with. Love the archeology thing.

    Anyone notice vanilla MC is becoming more and more like RL Craft? Well without the whole being-randomly-murdered bit.
  9. It may be me, but I noticed that Mojang took notes from Terraria and Minetest.

    Copper, amethyst and electricity from Terraria. The large and realistic caves from Minetest. :)
  10. This is the most excited I have ever been for any Minecraft update EVER.

    I am most pumped for the new look of mountains, and the awesome new underwater caves. (and moss... who doesn't love moss! :D) Sad we have to wait till middle of next year :( Oh well... good things are worth waiting for.
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  11. I do think axolotls are cute! I'm pretty sure SoulPunisher/synth_apparition used to have one as his profile picture (which was his own).

    Let me guess, you missed The Adventure Update and The Update that Changed the World? :D
    What did you get 'middle of next year' from?
  12. Worth noting this isn't without precedent. Consider the bee.
    Pretty sure the one in minecraft looks a whole lot cuter. Definitely more huggable :)
  13. They're not just like salamanders. They are salamanders.

    The barred tiger salamander is found in Canada, the United States (but struggles to succeed in California and Nevada), and Mexico. Their larvae look exactly like axolotls, but can refuse to grow up and become tiger salamanders. In Lake Texcoco, high up in the mountains and along the lake's banks, somehow these larvae that refused to grow up thrived and evolved into a new species of salamander: the axolotl. They didn't metamorphose due to the lack of iodine in the water, and thrived because in their larval stage they are better suited to the lack of food there (salamanders have to use their muscles to walk and burrow into the ground and need a constant supply of food, while axolotls like to float to their destination and can go weeks without eating).

    Well, they thrived until the Aztecs showed up and built settlements around the lake and used them as a food source. Their population got driven down, but it wasn't disastrous. Then the Spanish showed up and turned these settlements into big population centres that used the lakes as expansion land. Then the lakes got drained. Then they got turned into canals. Axolotls would have become completely extinct in 2013 if it weren't for European scientists realising the axolotl regrows all parts of its body and is immune to cancer and thought, "Wow! These guys would be good to torture in lab conditions by cutting their limbs off, playing with their genetics by selecting mutations, cutting their eggs in half an splicing two axolotls together, and injecting with bioluminescent genes!"

    I don't like how Mojang chose to use the leucistic (no skin pigmentation) type for Minecraft though. I love them IRL but axolotls living in the wild don't look like that. They look like my Cocoa (r.i.p little fella :( )

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  14. Someone should inform Mojang of this! I hope there's someone interested enough both in axolotls and in Minecraft to let them know. :p
  15. SO much agreement... in fact, I can't help wonder if Minecraft isn't getting really close to becoming a "complete" game. Pretty much all biomes / areas have stuff to do (can you imagine my surprise to find a ruined portal while I didn't even realize they existed)?

    BUT... for those who now say "bees update? naaaah". Let me tell you about the birds and the bees... and the know what? Let Jewel do this:

    (this is honestly the first thing that came to mind) :)
  16. mojang announced 1.17 is coming summer 2021.
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  17. and thank god for it, Aikar and everyone has more time to prepare :p
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  18. What do you mean by this? If anything, it seems like the opposite to me. Bees and polar bears, for example, seem unnecessary for the game. But having added those, shouldn't all other animals be in the game too? :p In that case it can never feel complete anymore, to me... maybe!
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