1.17-- holy crap

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  1. New update and I finally cracked and launched a world to explore. Overall, I love the huge caves.

    After some mobs spawned in, it really puts into perspective how big it is. Makes me think that maybe it could use a certain big mob...

    Still looks so tiny!
  2. I can't quite read what the blue bar says. the one next to the lapis pyramid. And why is lapis broken up?
  3. Diamond is light blue
  4. No to the right of it. There are two lapis colored bars, one is a pyramid and the other is a rectangle. The rectangle has text written on it and I can't read it. I'm also confused why there are two bars for lapis.
  5. The bar for lapis says "No air exposure" I believe.
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  6. The rectangle bar of lapis is for ore that is not exposed to the cave wall.

    Also, it should be noted that is now an outdated graph, a newer one was released with today's snapshot.
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  7. WitherDoggie and Talechaser are right.
    Starting at this snapshot, diamonds mostly spawn unexposed to air as well. When a diamond ore block would spawn that is next to air, it has a 50% chance of not spawning. Not too happy with that... I feel like encouraging caving is always good. Stripmining is a lot easier, but also a lot less challenging and interesting... I guess that if you can traverse them quickly enough though, caving might still be better than stripming for diamonds? Not sure to be honest, as while caving you also go up now and then, away from the optimal diamond level. But stripmining won't go as fast now, with the slower mining speed of what is now called Deepslate.

    Here is a large resolution image of the current distributions!

    Also, thanks for the screenshot, Sky! :) And yeah, seeing Giants there could be fun. :D
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  8. A Minecraft update thread got the red text while the update was in development. :$

    You can now use Fortune on iron, copper and gold!
    Also, as of last week there is a chance again that you will find a lot of diamonds in one place. :)

    Has anyone looked into the goats? They didn't interest me too much. :p I also think the screaming goats might be removed anyway, as the killer bunny was.
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  9. The new way of getting iron is interesting
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  11. I tried not to get excited, but I may be *caving* into the hype.
  12. Source
    Good idea, Mojang. :)

    Though I do have to wonder if EMC, Paper, etc. will still have the same amount of difficulty updating to 1.17 as they would if the world generation changes were not postponed. As modmuss50, primary developer of Fabric and the Fabric API (which I am now a contributor of :cool:) says:
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  13. Thanks! I had missed it indeed.

    Hm, that's unfortunate! But a good choice. As far as I'm concerned they could also postpone the update altogether, but I can imagine that those who are actively playing Minecraft are excited for the news blocks and mobs. :) And of course the terrain generation should be done right in the first full release.
  14. I look forward to the insane chunk borders in the wild once this update drops. :3
  15. Well, that will be 1.18. :p
  16. Looks like we'll still get a taste of what's to come with the terrain generation! Has anyone tried out the datapack yet? :)
    I had some trouble finding it, but here it is. I think you need to change something in the world type to be able to actually use it.
  17. Interestingly, new snapshots coming out still include terrain generation.
  18. only in the data pack tho as for the summer update thats just the one u can get from the launcher
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  19. So with all the features that have been removed from 1.17 and postponed until 1.18 and beyond, I don't think it's worth it to update EMC to 1.17. Let the devs use their time for other EMC related stuff, and only update EMC to 1.18.
  20. The splitting up of the update doesn't mean that 1.17 won't be a good update. I don't see any real reason why we shouldn't update to 1.17; it's an update like any other.
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