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  1. The skulk block will also measure distance-to-block. A single redstone wire trailing out emitted 2 blocks for every block closer someone or something was to the skulk.

    ie I am 7 away, a signal travels out 2 blocks.
    I am 6 away, a signal travels out 4 blocks.
    I am directly on the block, hopping up and down, the signal travels out to the max distance.

    You could use it as a measure for triangulation.

    I think I misunderstood what comparators do. They emit a discrete strength depending on, yes, the type of sound, the type of event, that occurred within it's range. This way you could have a circuit take action depending, directly, on what happened. Someone pour some water on your rails? Dispense lava.

    What's New in Minecraft Snapshot 20w49a? - YouTube

    How to filter a frequency (in Redstone).

    Boolean expression
    AB' = output.


    A=Desired "Frequency" to detect
    B=Some Higher "Frequency"
    C=Signal from a comparator

    Diagram. periods are empty space
    | ......................AND ---->AB' otherwise stated If A gets a signal but B doesn't, output a signal.

    Correction, the "OR" gate is actually a NOT gate (Whoops).

    Detects "Walking" only. The repeater coming out of the main wire for A has a 2-tic delay, ie I right-clicked it once. This prevents the lamp attached to the output from stuttering/flickering.

    Some Terms:

    "Gates" are small parts of a circuit that make decisions.
    We often represent them as AND, OR, NOT, XOR, XAND, etc. For simplicity, I'm using a NOT, and an AND.

    NOT is a not-gate, in this case, for B. Getting a Signal? No output. No Signal? output a signal
    AND is an and-gate, and measures to see if both A and B' are ON (if so, output a signal)

    See my res on SMP3 for examples on how to set up and, or, and not gates.

    Alternative Circuit
    A XOR B.
    If A gets a Signal, And B doesn't, output a signal.
    If the signal flows through A, and into B, no output, as we can have one, or the other, but not both, and a signal MUST flow through A to get to B.

    | ......................XOR ---->Output (One or the Other but not both, and B cannot be active
    A-----------------^........... without A being active, too.
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  2. Oh, /gamerule playersSleepingPercentage is great, but I'm surprised it wasn't added earlier. :p So many servers used plugins to do it!
    What do you think of the axolotls? I'm a total novice concerning them, but I like the sounds. :p
  3. I wonder if emc will use it
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  4. I doubt it, as EMC uses many plugins (mostly custom-made), and if this functionality had been desired it would have been implemented already, I bet.
  5. Might be one of those "Don't care enough to make my own plugin, but since it's here now, might as well"
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  6. Mojang? Caring about servers? Blasphemy :eek:
  7. I forgot to say yesterday: the first snapshot of 2021 has been released! It doesn't add a lot of new things, mostly functionality related to the glow squid—which doesn't even spawn naturally yet.
    Still a bit disappointed at the glow squid's design. :p Why would they make it blue, if there's already so much blue underwater? They could've made colour variants, like sheep, at least... maybe later? :D
  8. Glow squids in an aquatic tubes: the Neon Signs of the Future. Sadly they de-spawn from eggs in vanilla. Glow lichen makes underground caverns look slimy when the light-green-veiny goo covers all visible blocks. Makes me hope they come up with lichenous caves with dripstone.... slippery.
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  9. A new snapshot has been released! It contains a lot of new blocks for the upcoming lush caves biome, which has not been added yet itself.
    I like the glowberries. :) Although I'm not sure why they are called glow berries, and not glowberries.
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  10. Now we're getting into the generation stuff!

    I would like to read a post about the technical details, but I don't want to take the time to write one, at the moment. ;)
    There are two new cave types based on Perlin noise, one called 'cheese' (made up of big holes) and one called 'spaghetti' (long and squiggly).
    There are now also water levels underground, managed by aquifers, but in the current snapshot they don't work right, and all noise caves between y = 31 and y = 63 are flooded completely.
    Most interestingly to me, the build limit now goes up to y = 320 and down to y = -64! Especially the latter is rather curious to me. I've personally never thought it took too short of a time to get to bedrock, what do you think?
    It also raises an interesting issue with regards to worlds generated in earlier versions. What will happen to them? I assume the bottom 64 blocks will be newly generated? In any case, they have not figured this out yet, as in the current latest snapshot it is completely impossible to open worlds made in another version.
    I'm excited!
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  11. I would really like to see what happens cause if they generate new suff under the new chunks what happens with the bedrock?
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  12. Oh yeah, good point! Maybe it will be impossible to get to the new terrain? o.(o) It'd be really strange if you could get under the bedrock via the nether but not otherwise. :p
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  13. Wonder how long an update like this will take emc to update to
  14. Say it comes out in the summer and it's stable i say Christmas to a year from release
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  15. Knowing how EMC goes with major world-generation updates, this one I feel will take some more serious time to work out, especially with the coordinates and such changing.
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  16. In the latest snapshot, many new things were introduced. There is a new type of stone, that takes the place of stone under y = 0, and takes longer to mine.
    But, for me most significantly, something happens that I hoped wouldn't...
    Don't you guys think that it takes long enough to get to diamond level? And it especially takes long enough to get back up from diamond level to the surface... so yeah, I hoped that even with the world generating down to y = -64, y = 11 would still be a good level for diamonds.
    Well... it's not. The probability of finding diamonds now increases from y = 16 all the way to y = -64. This means that the optimal level for diamonds gets lowered by over 100%.
    Thoughts? I would like to see this reverted, to be honest!

    In general, starting at this snapshot, ore generation mostly uses symmetric triangular distributions, instead of a uniform distribution.
    This image shows what the distributions are for generation in the current snapshot:

    I'm not sure yet what to think about this change. I do think it is awkward not to be able to find coal under y = 0 at all. What do you think?
  17. Bare in mind that's subject to massive changes
  18. I was going to quote you, 607, but it’s too long so pretend I did lol.

    I sort of agree with the diamond changes? At least in survival, you get to diamond within 15 minutes if you’re rushing. And this is a game meant to be played for hours. Makes diamonds more of a mid game thing instead of early game. As for multiplayer, I’m just happy we have time to get all the diamonds we want now. I wonder if a grimstone generator will be possible.

    More importantly, will we get more space to work on our residences? Possibly a residence upgrade? Pay a million rupees and get an extra 64 blocks? Or will it be immediately available, if he even decides to grant us more space.

    Going back to ores, it will certainly be odd having 1 mining trip not be a catch all. Now you need to pick and choose what you want to get on your trips. Not sure I like that.
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  19. so i assume that the strange triangular distributions on 607's picture is due to like extreme hills biomes or something?
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  20. Of course, but it's only going to change after feedback! Although Mojang probably don't watch the EMC forum for it... :p

    I disagree. It's still early game if it takes a bit longer to get low enough; you don't need any better tools, there are no special actions to perform, you just have a longer way to go down. It stretches out the early game, rather, in my view. Moreover, if you don't make a permanent quarry, or if you get lost in caves like I do, you will not have to traverse this big distance once, but every time you need resources. I do not fancy that! Grimstone also takes longer to mine. Maybe I'll get back to avoiding caves like the plague, like I used to do... wouldn't be a desirable option of the Caves and Cliffs update, would it? :p

    Let's wait with speculation on that until it's actually possible to play old worlds in the new snapshots. :p See what Mojang does first.
    I thought it was strange as well; in Amplified worlds it will have a big effect, but those aren't really advertised anymore, as far as I know. However, while writing this post, I used the name of the update... the Caves and Cliffs update. Maybe there are going to be more extreme forms of terrain within normal world generation? I think it's plausible!
    But of course it's not likely that terrain will generate up to the new build limit. It doesn't have to: the distributions for high iron and for emeralds simply mean that the higher up you go, the more you can find. At the top of the world, the emerald distribution is currently ridiculously wide. But that's fine, as no world is going to generate there. Actually... if I have nothing to do this evening (which is unlikely, to be fair), I'll make a custom world with ridiculous peaks and look for an Extreme Hills biome. :p Oh, wait... the customisation option was removed, wasn't it? Hm... I don't fancy looking into data pack stuff currently.