1.17-- holy crap

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  1. Here is a pleasant video!

    No new info about the content added, by the way.
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  2. Here's a pretty cool video on things we might have missed.
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  3. That looks cool! I haven't watched the video (yet), but I read some interesting things in the comments. :eek:
    I'll wait with further review until snapshots come out or we have official tweets, though. :) (I however rarely use Twitter since they made their timeline algorithm-based, so I probably won't see them)
  4. im happy the direction mc is going and moving away from the whole "this game needs to be kept simple" idea.
    also happy that the glowsquid won. I found that cow abomination quite cringy
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  5. While Minecraft 1.17 is definitely going to be something else, don't underestimate the potential which 1.16 has to offer either. In specific: datapacks!

    It's been a while since I really played a good Minecraft session and this evening I fired up my redstone world, shared it on my LAN, set up a port forwarding to my PC on my router and well... I started looking into the changes that have been implemented with the datapacks (= a personal favorite of mine).

    Holy... something! :eek:

    What is catslair:mineworld I hear you wonder? A new dimension ("world") I've made using a datapack:

        "name": "mineworld",
        "type": "minecraft:overworld",
        "generator": {
            "type": "minecraft:flat",
            "settings": {
                "layers": [
                    {"height": 1, "block": "minecraft:bedrock"},
                    {"height": 60, "block": "minecraft:stone"},
                    {"height": 2, "block": "minecraft:dirt"},
                    {"height": 1, "block": "minecraft:grass_block"}
                "structures": {
                    "structures": {}
                "biome": "minecraft:plains",
                "lakes": true,
                "features": true
    This is highly experimental stuff (the game will warn you every time when you load a world which has these features enabled) but seriously: think about what you're seeing here!

    What is the #1 concern for most server owners? To seek a good balance between mining & building. Who cares about an awesome looking building when it's in the middle of a virtual warzone? Ergo: many servers use a mining world. And for that they often rely on mods such as Multiverse.

    Well... now we can simply build the whole thing ourselves using only vanilla Minecraft mechanics. Teleporting players back and forth is easy: just build a portal with a commandblock underneath.

    Oh, it gets better! Build a portal or toll house or whatever, use structure blocks to save it as a structure (obviously :rolleyes:) and then... see that "structures: {}" entry above? It can be used for custom structures as well... now imagine an entry for the return portal, heavily spread out and only gets added for a specific amount.

    That's an instant automatically created mining world for you. AND.... because you're generating a world from scratch using all this there's suddenly also a good use for jigsaw blocks (not to mention the upcoming worldgen feature where you get to define world generators within datapacks).

    1.17 is going to be exciting, but don't ignore all the awesome stuff 1.16 already provides!

    Oh, and in case you're wondering what my mining world looks like.. nothing too special for now I'm afraid:

    I just generated this an half hour ago and it's just a flat world with nothing in it ;)

    Even so... exciting times ahead!
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  6. Reminds me of the Gate Network in MC Story Mode.
  7. That's a very interesting post, but I frankly don't think it's relevant to 1.17 development. o.(o) 1.17 might develop this further, but this post seems to show off content that was already in the game in 1.16.
    Edit: Although looking back at the OP, there's actually very little to suggest the purpose off this thread, so for all I know your post might be on topic. :p
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