Minecraft 1.8: What we know so far

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  1. The 1.8 update, also known as the Adventure Update, is slowly but surely making it's way to us, and the guys at Mojang have been trickling out little details along the way

    So here's a list of what we know so far that has been confirmed by Mojang:
    -NPC Villages (able to help them or destroy them)
    -Randomly generated dungeons (With boss monsters included!)
    -New biome code
    -Fully functioning Creative mode (with Creative-type access to server mods/admins)
    -Critical hits
    -More farming options (More food, animal farms)
    -Brightness slider
    -Updated Bow mechanics (hold to charge a shot and shoot it farther/do more damage)

    Here's some pictures!

    “I’m a big roguelike fan,” explains Notch. “It’s really fun. The idea is that you level up really, really fast. You can grind away and level up fast if you want to, or you can just play as normal and level up that way. The longer you play, the bigger the risk of dying becomes. It’s the part that really works. If it feels like it’s too harsh, we might make it half or something like that. But the fact that you lose everything – you lose all your inventory anyways.”

    Notch recently made a blog post about the Endermen, a new "creepy" mob meant to scare you outta your pants

    If you want to find out what this mob does on your own when the patch is released, stop reading nao

    Soooooooooooooo. Notch made this Slenderman looking mob, and what it does is pick up blocks and move them around. But they weren't that threatening, so Notch made them move faster and hit harder... but it didn't drive any fear.

    So Notch made it so that this mob will not notice you until you put your crosshair onto it, and when you do, the mob will slowly turn towards you and stare back. The mob will not attack... so long as you keep your crosshair on it.

    However, the moment you stop looking at them, they'll attack. And there's no running, as the mob will teleport towards you to make sure it keeps up. This honestly sounds terrifying...

    Here is a fan made video:

    Will update with more as I see it.
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  2. I can not wait! This is going to be a very nice update and provide a lot to an already great game.
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  3. will you make the sky box taller when that happens?
  4. This is going to be an exciting update! Notch has alot happening. ALOT. With the lawsuit and PAX.
  5. So will all the features be available in SMP on day one (with a new world presumably) or perhaps in the second part of the update? I assume also that Bukkit first has to be updated for it to work.
  6. I was reading on there forums you have to eat time to time or you die the only thing i hate about this is your going to need to carry food with you and thats just less space for you to hold X_X
  7. You eat to fill up your food bar, which regenerates your health when above 90%. Also, all food now stacks, so you don't have to waste a bunch of slots just to carry porkchops.
  8. when is this update supposed to come onto the scene?
  9. Well as you probably know it was due to come out a few days ago, but now they are working on fixes for the various issues in the pre-release version before an official release. So it may be as much as a week from now.

    EDIT: As it happens, Jeb has finished with these fixes and an updated pre-release version is available: http://www.minecraftforum.net/news/220-18-updates-second-pre-release-update-available/
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  10. thanks aus for the update ^_^
  11. 1.8 has been officially released. Remember to backup your bin folder if you want to play it. Or just do what I do and play on EMC with Spoutcraft and update the regular Minecraft client.
  12. Here is a list of the confirmed updates so far:

    • Biomes are much larger and defined.
    • New swamp biome with vines.
    • Vines can be collected using shears and will grow anywhere they're placed.
    • Added beef and chicken.
    • Strongholds (will only spawn up to 3 times per world (As of right now).
    • Added ruins which are underground strongholds.
    • Giant mushrooms (As of 9/14 they may not spawn yet?).
    • Silverfish.
    • Creative single player mode with flying, insta-break, no damage & unlimited items.
    • Abandoned mine shafts.
    • Endermen.
    • Bow Charging (with critical hits)
    • Sprinting which knokcs mobs back and depletes hunger bar faster.
    • Hunger bar depletes over time. Filled with food. Helps regen health.
    • Chest Animation.
    • New high quality main menu.
    • SMP has an official player list now.
    • Eating animation.
    • Arrows stick to mobs.
    • XP Bar (Gain XP from killing mobs/players)
    • New lighting engine
    • Clouds now at ceiling of the world.
    • Cave spiders.
    • Zombies drop rotten flesh that you can eat.
    • Watermelons, watermelon & pumpkin seeds.
    • Glass panels.
    • Iron bars.
    • Brick & stone brick stairs.
    • Smooth stone brick.
    • F6 & F7 adjust the time of day.
    This list was gathered from outside sources, so if something is incorrect or missing, feel free to post.
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  13. Nothing in that list is incorrect, but to be pedantic critical hits apply to all weapons and not just bows. Also, you can enter a "guard stance" which will deflect attacks by holding the right mouse button while wielding a sword.
  14. Endermen= Best mob ever!!!
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  15. I see someone revived a long dead topic!
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  16. Yep:D
    One of the oldest;)
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