1.10: The Frostburn Update

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  1. General
    • Added some splashes
      • "Rule #1: it's never my fault"
      • "Replaced molten cheese with blood?"
      • "Absolutely fixed relatively broken coordinates"
      • "Boats FTW"
    • Options
      • options.txt now has its own version number
      • VBOs are now enabled by default, overriding old options when upgrading
      • An auto-jump option
        • Screenshot
        • Jumps when the player is about to walk against a one block high ledge
        • Enabled by default
    • F3+G to show chunk boundaries
    • New limit tag for loot tables
    • Added and updated some sounds
      • There is now a sound for Enchanting
      • Separate sounds for Ender Chests
    • Huge Mushrooms now have a chance to grow twice as high
    • /teleport
      • Only supports coordinate-based teleportation
      • Only difference to /tp behavior: Teleportation is always relative to whoever/whatever executed the command
    • The vertical range limit on teleportation has been decreased to +-4096
    Data Tags
    • NoGravity now works for all entities
    • FallFlying to allow entities to use Elytra while falling, resets after landing
    • ParticleParam1 and ParticleParam2 integer tags for AreaEffectCloud entities
      • Used just like with /particle
    World Generation
    • Added & changed some minor things
      • Plains now generate with a few Oaks
      • Huge Mushrooms now have a chance to grow twice as high
      • Caves no longer turn Sand above them into Sandstone
      • Mesas now contain up to 20 additional veins of gold per chunk above the usual gold level
      • Clay in mesas no longer generates more than 15 blocks deep if the mesa is more than 15 blocks above sea level
      • Ice plains now have a lower chance of spawning passive mobs
    • Abandoned mineshafts
      • Can now generate on the surface in mesas
        • Surrounded by Stone
        • Generated with Dark Oak wooden pieces
      • Generate differently near sunlight
        • No cave spider Spawners
        • No supporting wooden pieces
        • Fewer Rails
    • Fossils
      • Spawn underground in deserts
      • Various fossil-shaped structures made of either Bone Blocks or Coal Ore
    • Villages
      • Paths now extend across water using Oak Planks or Sandstone
      • Path Blocks instead of gravel for pathways
      • New style generating in taiga biomes
      • New style generating in savannah biomes
      • Zombie villages
        • Villages have a 2% chance to be a Zombie village
        • No doors or torches
        • Zombie Villagers instead of Villagers
      • Villages no longer stop generating when crossing biome boundaries
      • Fixed Flowers and Tall Grass being placed on top of Gravel in villages
    Blocks & Items
    • Firework Rockets
      • Now crafted in sets of 3
    • Gravity-affected blocks, except the Dragon Egg
      • Now emit a new type of particle downwards if they would fall when updated
    • Bone blocks
      • Craftable from and into 9 bonemeal
      • Placable along all 3 axis
    • Magma Blocks
      • Craftable from 2x2 magma cream
      • Does damage when stood on, unless when sneaking or using frost walker
      • Death messages: "<player> discovered floor was lava" and "<player> walked on danger zone due to a <mob>"
      • Removes Water source blocks on top after some time
      • Preserves light: once a Magma Block has seen a certain light level, it will never go darker than that
    • Nether Wart Block
      • Crafted from 9 nether wart
    • Red Nether Brick
      • Crafted from 2 nether bricks and 2 nether wart in a cross
    • Dispensers
      • Now equip Shields
    • Structure Blocks
      • New texture for placement in the world and in the inventory
      • Structures can be stored, bundled and loaded per world, in the structures folder
      • Improved UI for general use by players
      • Outline of structures or structure locations are shown in white, with one line along each axis being colored similarly to the debug menu crosshair
      • Structures are size-limited to 32 blocks in each direction
      • Only obtainable using commands
      • Only opped creative players can break or place them and save structures
      • More efficient than /clone
      • Display a name tag above them indicating their mode and structure name
      • 4 modes which can be cycled through using the button in the lower left corner
      • Structure names may include "/" to allow for folders inside structures
      • Data mode
        • Currently no known use
      • Save mode
        • Option to highlight invisible blocks
          • Blue is for Air blocks, red is for Structure Void Blocks
        • Option to detect structure size using Corner Structure Blocks
        • Option to save entities
        • Can be activated by redstone, but saved structures are not written to disk
      • Load mode
        • Option to not load saved entities
        • Option to rotate the structure around the y-axis
        • Option to mirror the structure along the x- or z-axis
        • Structure Voids in saved structures do not replace blocks when loaded
        • When pressing Load for the first time, the structure position is prepared; only a second press will actually load the structure
        • Structure integrity (a float from 0.0 to 1.0) along with a seed for the PRNG can be specified to randomly corrupt structures to a certain degree when loading
        • Can be activated by redstone
      • Corner mode
        • Used to specify the corner of a structure, either with a Save Structure Block or another Corner Structure Block
    • Structure Void
      • Useful for Structure Blocks
      • Only obtainable using commands
      • Invisible block with a small hitbox
    • Fishing Rods
      • Can now pull items
    • Endermen
      • Can now spawn in the Nether
      • Can now pick up Netherrack
    • Magma Cubes
      • Now spawn about twice as often
    • Polar Bears
      • Neutral unless they're adults and there is a cub nearby
      • Cubs will run away very fast when hit
      • Stand up to attack
      • Can be bred and grown using Wheat
      • Drop Fish and Salmon
    • Skeletons
      • Will now shoot Potion Tipped Arrows from the offhand, without consuming them
      • Will shoot burning Arrows when burning, depending on regional difficulty
      • New subtype: Strays
        • Skeletons spawned above ground in ice biomes have an 80% chance of being a Stray
        • Shoot Slowness Arrows
        • Can drop a Slowness Arrow on player kills
        • Shoot Slowness Arrows
    • Zombies
      • ZombieType tag for distinguishing between Zombies/Villager Zombies/Husks, replacing the use of existing Villager-related tags. Chance and duration of setting targets on fire when burning now depends on regional difficulty
      • New subtype: Husks
        • Zombies spawned above ground in the deserts have an 80% chance of being a Husk
        • Don't burn in sunlight
        • Give a couple of seconds of Hunger when hitting players, depending on regional difficulty
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  3. There are tagia (and possibly other) villages, new spawn eggs for new and old mobs, and structure blocks. That's the snapshot in a nutshell, as far as I know.

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  4. not
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  5. 1.10 I hope will be awesome next year, so I will keep good hopes for now ;)
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  6. I'm really loving the things they've mentioned for 1.10 so far. The fossils with the bone blocks are a great idea... I remember waaaaaay back when I was a newbie to Minecraft and I suggested bone blocks on the Minecraft forums. :p It's good to see them added. Along with the red nether brick, I think we're going to get the chance to make some really nice "Hell-style" or "devil-like" buildings. Nether outposts are going to get quite stylish, if you ask me.

    Also, I love the polar bears because, well, ermahgerd bears!!!
  7. Just tried it out, and I think the world generation looks different. Has it been changed? The hills look really messy now.
    Other things I've noticed:
    • The new horse span eggs for mules, donkeys, skeletal and zombie horses have broken names displaying 'entity.SkeletonHorse.name', or .Donkey., .Mule. or .ZombieDot.
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  8. Well, it is the first snapshot. Nothing out of the ordinary
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  9. Might be slightly misleading, as it damages players too.

    Anyway, I'll be looking forward to you trying to explain structure blocks... ;)
    I'd love to do it myself too, though :p
    But as you've been doing these since 1.8, I figured I'd give you the honour :D
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  10. Lol. Mojang actually beat Aikar with 1.10
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  11. you forgot the redstone stuff: moving tileentities with pistons(aka chest, furnaces, etc) redstone on top of pistons, and the BUD blocks(which i dont like)

    Well those WILL be added, not sure if they were added
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  12. Just tested, the redstone can be placed on pistons, but not levers or buttons. Pistons cannot move chests.
    EDIT: Powering the redstone causes the pistons to extend, but when they retract, they destroy the redstone dust.
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  13. Why would you be able to put redstone on levers or buttons, it'd be floating and doesn't make sense
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  14. those are features that will be added in some snapchot in the future... Not this ome thou(apparently) according to deb tweets
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  15. I can place sand on a sign, lots of minecrafts mechanics don't make sense :p
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  16. Sorry for confusion, but I meant that you can place redstone on pistons, but you cannot place levers or buttons on pistons.
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  17. I'm pretty sure BUD blocks haven't been added yet.
    But yes, Sky did indeed leave out some stuff, but he said so himself:
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  18. Yeah i saw that part of the post like 6mins after i replied so yeah...
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  19. Just played around with 1.10 and it's not bad.
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  20. Updated. I will try to fix it up later. I want to explore 1.10 more first. :)
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