1.10: The Frostburn Update

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  1. Very well done! There were even quite some things in there which I did not know about yet myself! :)

    I might take a try at explaining them myself later, they're my favourite addition yet for this update, for sure!
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  2. maybe its just the seed i am trying out, but do villages spawn more frequently? my seed ive ran into like 30 in about a 5k by 5k grid ive been flying around
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  3. Not for me. I made my world strictly savannah and it took my five minutes to find it.

    Also, further improved OP
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  4. I can put levers on pistons in my 1.9 world....

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    Not for me. I made my world strictly savannah and it took my five minutes to find it.

    Also, further improved OP

    You can just type /tp @e[Type=Villager] and it will take you to a village.
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  5. Also, I must say this:
    Magma blocks are going to be the shit for the item farms (skeletons and such)
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  6. I was thinking the same. Assuming that hopper minecarts still work through blocks and all.
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  7. Yay cool blocks and more skeletons :D ;)
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  8. Well, this is a 1.10 snapshot, not 1.9 :)
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  9. They do, there was one snapshot which made all existing ones stop picking up items, but you just need to break and replace them to get it fixed.

    Anyway, two cool facts about the new blocks:
    • The Frost Walker enchantment prevents damage from magma blocks.
    • Water washes away Nether Wart blocks.
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  10. I just watched CaptainSparklez video on 1.10 and I can't wait for all the new mobs!
  11. Still waiting on the fix to PvP, LOL.

    Anyways, that polar bear model is terrible. I could draw better than that. (I struggle with drawing stick figues)
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  12. What is wrong with it?
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  13. If you can draw lines and circles, you can draw stick figures.
  14. They look weird
  15. They look just like bears in block form.

    Small beginning, big booty.
  16. Yeah, I made a world (first time playing 1.9 mechanics too + snap 1.10)... I died by a swarm of zombies in a cave. Guess I am really bad at this game... Rage quit after I died.
  17. I think it's pretty good. It looks a bit odd when standing upright... but I like it.
  18. Looks like a pretty good overview of the 1.10 update. If you did miss something, it's probably pretty small and probably not much to look at. Overall though, Good Job... :)
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