1.10: The Frostburn Update

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  1. I suggested it on the MCSuggestions subreddit and /r/Minecraft. Can't do much other than that
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  2. Well I died in my Hardcore run of 1.10. Got killed by a bunch of Husks when trading with villagers.
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  3. Could you link it? I'd like to see the reactions it got.
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  4. I found a seed for a village on 1.10 there is a nice lil dock and lake right next to it the seed is: Snow
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  5. Well, 1.10 Pre-release is out. That was fast.

    Aikar, when can we expect you and Chickeneer to update? /s
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  6. Is it true that the pre-release generally means that the update will be coming soon for vanilla? 1.10 doesn't seem to have that much new stuff for a whole update?
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  7. Yes, pre-release means that the update is near. That's what I thought too. 1.10 seems like so small of an update.
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  8. This is what puzzled me as well when Sky broke the news to me a few moments ago.
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  9. Yup. There may be 1 or 2 last minute small features, but other than that it is bug fixes.

    Looks like they are doing smaller and more frequent updates now. Is that a good or bad thing for Aikar?
  10. Dont know... Probably bad.
  11. Either that or this is a silent admission that 1.9 really was as bad as some of us said it was. Could be a devious plot too: assuming we're all used to swipe attacks and such now, then add some new stuff (hopefully fix nasty lag) and then we can all agree that 1.9 su ... ffered (was very bad) and 1.10 is the way to go!

    I'd bring the news very gently, just in case...

    "Hi devs, awesome work on the 1.9 upgrade. Very exciting! Say, when are we going to 1.10?" :D

    Something like that perhaps :p
  12. Wait, really? Hm, seems good to me. More stable updates seems good, because one or two major versions a year is a bit little in my opinion.
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  15. I guess so. Seems like an odd move. I like them and with the new islands there are plenty of materials to craft.
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  16. That stinks. We need more blocks, not less. And they looked so cool too!

    But otoh... Guess the end now needs to go, all that End stone will now be mine :p And when 1.10 hits EMC I will be RICH!! (read: I'll probably make 2k from 3 days of work, but its the thought which counts!) :p
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  17. Thank you for these, greatly appreciate these posts very informative :)
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  18. Wow, already? It was like what 2 weeks? I know Searge did say that this would be a shorter update, I just imagined that it would have at the very least another snapshot or two before they released it. xD
    Ikr, I really hope that this a bug of some sort. There might still be hope of it getting patched?
    I do think that the stone brick blocks should stay the way they are, but this would be awesome if they added it. I love the idea of more slabs/stairs/etc. :)

    Anyways to wrap things up, I still do like the 1.10 update. However it would have been nice to see more features in it like the one above for example.

    Thanks for the info StoneSky. :)
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  19. 1.10: The Frostburn Update has been released. Updating OP and cleaning stuff up.