1.10: The Frostburn Update

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  1. Updated a tiny part.
  2. Wow! Did the lava texture change again? For me, it doesn't look like molten cheese anymore! :eek:
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  3. Gonna assume Lava = Beetroot Soup

    Time to explore. ;)
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  4. Awesome list! :D One question though, if you add new stuff, can you maybe also put that stuff in the "bump posts", so we/I don't have to read the whole list again each time ;)
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  5. Good idea.
    I guess I'll do it here?

    • Fishing Rods
      • Have a chance to pick up items
    • Particles
      • Are darker
    • Signs
      • Are Darker
    • Lava
      • is just red
    • Fallflying tag
      • Allows entities to use elytra when flying
    • Chorus Fruit
      • Now teleports riders from their mounts
    • Ender Pearls
      • Now teleports riders from their mounts
    • Mobs
      • They will avoid magma blocks
    • Rails
      • Fixed the ascending/descending hitbox
    • Minecarts
      • Pick up entities on collision
    • Villages
      • Fixed Blacksmith buildings in Savanna
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  6. The new lava looks too cartoonish and not much like lava, if you ask me. :p Not a fan.
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  7. After reading this, I think I know more about this 1.10 update than 1.9... :p
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  8. Same here :p I have never even played 1.9 yet, nor kept up with the updates :p
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  9. the lava is a bug
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  11. The Endermen finally invade the Nether. What could they be looking for? Maybe that will be revealed in version 1.20. Using an Elytra to escape the Endermen? hmm ;)

    But a bit more seriously: so far I have to admit that 1.10 seems more appealing than 1.09 (even though they use the same combat mechanics). I especially like the new structures and new blocks. At first I wondered about the bone block (seemed a bit useless to me) but when I discovered the fossils it all made sense again. I'm hoping that they'll be able to fix some things from 1.09 in 1.10 so that we get a really cool update again (new blocks are always good IMO).
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  12. "1.09"? Why the zero?
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  13. Blame my computerized brain ;)
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  14. Tell you what. puts bracelet on Shel
    Now, every time you type 1.09 you will be electrocuted with a small dose of 50,000 ampères (Thanks, Tom).
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  15. Volts don't matter, it's the ampère that does it ;)
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  16. Thank you, I knew it was either volts or amps (or ampère if you're fancy).
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  17. I think I found the perfect way to implement Double Smooth Stone Blocks in a Polished Stone way.
    • Add Granite, Diorite, Andesite bricks
      • Made from their polished counterpart
      • Andesite Bricks are the new Stone Bricks
        • Mossy Andesite Brick, etc
      • Stone Bricks receive their own new texture
      • Each brick has their slab and stair counterpart
    • Add Polished Stone
      • 4 stone in a square
      • Will work since bricks are made from the polished variants now
    • Stone Slabs are now Polished Stone Slabs
      • or just Stone Slabs
      • Other Polished Variants can make slabs too, all similar to the Stone Slab's style of being stacked.

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  18. So basically what I'm hearing is that this is your dream update in which full stone slab blocks and stone slab stairs were basically added? :p
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  19. In a nutshell.
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  20. I've been wanting this so very much also! Is there someway to get this idea to mojang? Since it seems they sometimes add things the public wants.
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