1.3 Netherwart, Cocoa Beans: Concerns

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  1. We all are excited for the new Minecraft 1.3 to come up. New stuff, emeralds, cocoa beans, and even, netherwart being grown in the Overworld. Awesome stuff, if I do say so myself, however, a question has always came to my head when I think of 1.3: Will these new possibilities be allowed in Empire Minecraft? Or rather, should they?

    I've had discussions with quite a wise bunch of Diamond Supporters, and from their point of views, growing Netherwart in the Overworld, or rather, your residence, may be much easier now, thus, lowering value. Cocoa, same thing.

    Please send some of your thoughts in the comments below. And please excuse my title for forgetting the "C" in "Cocoa". This is merely a debatable topic I'd like to discuss. I'm an not entire certain that Empire Minecraft has the ability to restrict these actions, however, I think it is indeed possible for Flame Charges have been disabled. But please, do give a good show, 'ol chaps. "Should/will(to moderators as Justinguy and ICC themselves) growing of these crops be permitted?"
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  2. I think they mostlikely will allow it. I don't see why not. Yah, mass production of cookies at my place! And lots of potions are going to be for sale...man, just think,nether warts are going to cost as much as seeds....wow....
  3. I'm just a bit concerned whether or not it should be. It would be much too easy for those to acquire such goods. Either it would ruin the fun of finding thing by traveling far, or might impact some small businesses.
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  4. I didn't hear about the netherwart thing! I'm so adding them to my farm!
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  5. Are you sure? It's on the Minecraft 1.3 update, and also, Pigmen can periodically enter the Overworld through your Nether Portals.
  6. It will boost the EMC economy bbe helping small shops become better and it will also help with food production.
  7. I think they will take that off...:oops:
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  8. Not exactly. Think about it-- everyone can grow their own Netherwart and cocoa beans. Once everyone has them and grows them, now what?
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  9. Not by much.
  10. Well then-- that's another thing we can debate about, now is it? ;)
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  11. MY thoughts exactly. Wouldn't be too pleasant for Netherwart shops if everyone has it.
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  12. I'm not quite sure about this... EMC likes to keep things mostly vanilla. If these features devalue these items, I think our economy will flow right through it. This could also be great for potion sellers, as they can keep their Nether Wart potions in stock without a grief-prone farm in the Nether. Not to mention it'll really boost soul sand sales...
  13. Ya but thats just like everything else in emc
  14. "Oh? That's rather true. :T"
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  15. What do you mean?
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  16. Anything released by mojang is vanilla. Update is released by mojang. Vanilla much? :rolleyes:
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  17. This not related but can you store books in bookshelves?
  18. I actually think yeah!:)
  19. You can, although you only get your 3 books back, not your wooden planks you use for them.
  20. It really wont reduce the value of nether wart... seeing as ob1bob69 sells them 1 for 1 at his second res, not expensive at all anymore.