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  1. Hey guys!

    I am the magnificent (and sexy) SkyDragonv8 and I want to talk about 1.8 and my thoughts and feelings.
    But first, a public message, do not expect a "1.9 Thread" telling you all the features, as I am tired of those. Instead, expect these around what I estimate to be the final month or two of the update.

    I still do not know what the hell "Jive" is but looking through the update list, the "Jive" people can enjoy a new splash. "It swings, it jives!". I do not know if this is accurate, I am not going to Google it, I am scared of the results.

    The Difficulty is finally PER WORLD! I have been waiting for this for quite a while. This is great for the test worlds where all you want is Peaceful mode and your other world where you try to survive but then get bored. Locking it is very great too I guess. Meh, who knows.

    Some Shader stuff and new Achievement. Blah Blah Blah. (Aikar, fix the Achievement bug)

    Lots and lots of commands! And some NBT stuff most of us will never use, yeah!

    Spectator, things are getting a bit good I guess. This will allow us to look around the Empire without physically moving! If Aikar codes this correctly (not doubting Aikar's skills), you might be able to switch to spectator, look around the Empire at the amazing residences, and turn back into yourself and not move an inch!

    Depth Strider allows faster waking underwater. This would be great if clay still generated under water -_-

    The new beautiful blocks! We have the cracky colorful new block called Prismarine. (I pronounce it Priz-Marine). Go ahead, stare at it for an hour or 5!

    You will be finding this blocks and it's brothers (to the sides) at the new Ocean Monuments! (WHOOO OCEAN STUFF). Originally called the Ocean Temple until Jeb said it was a Monument, this structure will be found underwater guarded by Guardians! Once inside the guardian infested structure, you will encounter a maze. Somewhere in the maze are sponge rooms, gold blocks, and a fabulous Elder Guardian! I believe these respawn after a while.

    Back to the Ocean Blocks, the Prismarine's cousins are pretty fashionable! The Dark Prismarine looking pretty tiley and creepy and the Prismarine Bricks looking like dragon scales! (Somebody build a statue of liberty)
    The sea lantern is now the best lighting block! With it's mesmerizing block texture, it is great for futuristic or modern builds!

    Customizable worlds too, fun I guess. You can customize pretty much anything with this. Debug world is made primarily for Texture Pack makers or something.

    F3 looks sexier with an actual background so we are able to see it better. It comes complete with some XYZ axis mouse thing and it gives more information! I personally think this is in my top 10.

    The Ite brothers have been introduced. Diorite, Andesite, and Granite come with both rough and polished forms! These blocks can be used to craft sexy Stone Slabs and look pretty good! Although the Diorite looks extremely similar to it's counterpart. People have been begging for slabs and stair forms, I only agree with the slab partially. Just think about what it looks like in your head.

    Coarse dirt now replaces the dirt that never grows grass. The texture is a bit altered, looks great though! This can be used at the unused Empire Park for pathing.

    Sponges and Slime Blocks. The sponges are now less noisy and back in Minecraft, baby! The Sponge Block soaks up a radius of 5 water and turns into Wet Sponge! Yay? The Slime blocks on the other hand have a cube-in-cube look to them, with polka-dots! You can bounce on them, though they act as soul sand. You can create cars, plans, and stuff to travel the wild looking for a place to settle down in! (Now that I think of it, it is a good idea)

    Iron Trap doors now. Sheep drop yummy mutton!

    Bunnies, they come in different breeds and are very useful. These dastardly animals are able to multiply by 3 when spawned in with a spawn egg and hop around! They act as ocelots and are tamable. You cannot breed untamed bunnies! Also, watch out for that killer rabbit of cabbage or something. Bunny related items: Rabbit's Foot, Rabbit Soup, Potion of Leaping, Rabbit Hide, cooked/raw rabbit. These will dig up yer carrots!

    The Guardians are a pretty unique mob. Similar to the fish, they come with a tail. Leading up the tail you notice that it has nothing else. It is a big bock with an eye that moves! The moving eye is the only moving eye on Minecraft. However, these creatures have spikes that extend outward in inward to protect himself. If you hit him while the spikes are out, you will take damage.

    The new 3d block resource packs makes it possible to have 3d pickaxes, rails, beds, ladders, and much more!

    Move servers up and down with 3 nifty buttons! New block IDs!

    EXP, this is a big thing. Trading gives you EXP (better villager roles). Anvils are cheaper.

    I really love the EXP changes and enchanting changes. The villagers are better!

    Enchanting system, this will confuse people. Lapis is needed to enchant. To enchant something, it requires an EXP number, but the EXP that is used ranges from 1-3.

    The player list is improved! It shows your beautiful face and maybe health.

    Swamps are Swampier, Villages are Villagier, Caverns are more menacing, Desert temples use clay instead of wool. Oh and a visible world border.

    Stackable doors, Endstone is now the only finite block (not including dragon egg).
    • Vine + Cobble = Mossy Cobble
    • Vine + Stone Brick = Mossy Stone Brick
    • 2 Stone Brick Slabs = Circle Stone
    • Cooking Stone Brick = Cracked Stone Brick
    Item frames are now better are turning. Better signs. Better Stone Slab blocks.
    Clicking a spawner with spawn eggs change what it spawns. Do not look forward to this, as it will be disabled on EMC!
    Minecraft Wiki is the Source and it's Trivia!

    • This is the longest wait for a major update to Minecraft, since the last version was released on October 25, 2013, 269 days ago.
      • 1.3.1 had the previous longest development version, with a release on August 1, 2012, 153 days after the release of 1.2.1.
    • This is also the longest development to a major update in the history of Minecraft, with the first snapshot coming out on January 9, 2014, 193 days ago.
      • The previous longest was also 1.3, with 111 days from the first snapshot to the final release.
    • This update has had the most development snapshots of any major update so far, at 37 snapshots.
      • The update with the most snapshots previous to this was 1.6.1, with 18 snapshots.
    I typed this at 5 in the morning, it took me 30 minutes. I will add more tomorrow. I mean today.
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  2. The skins. The arms and I believe legs can now be edited separately! Yes separately, now you can have that skin where 1 arm is covered in zombie guts and the other arm has a carrot or something on it! Talking about the rumored 3 pixel wide arms....

    I am looking at this, looks like the right one is a girl. So gender? Also, dat pig butt tho. Back to the skin, if you switch to the skinny arms, it appears (in other pictures) that the pixel 2nd to the right will be removed and the rest will stay.
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  3. Hold your horses! Looks like Jens is planning something evil.

    Those are vertical flags you see! Honestly, this will be great for many many players! If these are customizable, you wild outposts may have a flag and a flagstand by the looks of it. It looks like the flag stand can be oriented in 8 directions and can go on the wall or on the ground. The flag itself is a 40x20 pixel flag, if my calculations are correct.These will be awesome if released!
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  4. *Looks at custom non-transferrable EMC flags*

    This would be awesome.
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  5. So Dinnerbone recently released a fake screenshot with a new feature.

    And then he finally released the actual screenshot.

    Nice try Dinnerbone, I almost fell into your trick with the first picture.

    This is actually a pretty near feature, you can finally know what head you want visually, and without mousing over each one of them individually! Yay!
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  6. Sounds awesome! Thanks for the great post! :D
  7. Hark! Thy has broughteth you peasants news! I have slain THE MIGHTY AIKAR!

    In the latest snapshot, you will notice a few things. First off, let's begin with the best part: obtainable heads. Currently the only heads that are obtainable are the mobs heads (Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton), but they are VERY difficult get. You must kill the mob with an Electrified Creeper (or whatever they are called). "But Sky, we have enraged creepers, it should be easy". WRONG! The mobs run away from exploding creepers to avoid death..

    Now for the banners, in creative mode you are able to spawn in 16 banners (Displayed in the picture) but many more are obtainable. A bunch of crappy recipes to change parts of your banner to make the banner better. Here is the Wiki Page that includes the ways to customize your banner. Also in my picture is the 16ish orientations of the banner. They can also be displayed on walls!

    This opens up a lot of potential. Banners would be great for malls, 1 color for each floor. They can mark your territory, or just mark your places - color code!

    Oh and heads look better in the inventory/your hand. Just look at it!

    Oh and you now have better FPS.

  8. yesh. 8.1 is coming D=
  9. The moment they port the game over into c++ and never use Java again, i'll believe you ._.
  10. Thanks for this summary, very helpful.
    I don't know if I should, but I'd like to ask, what about the nerfing of farms? Is this still going to happen?
  11. Yup
  12. Wait, so iron and gold are getting nerfed now?
    Won't pigmen farms still work if you kill them though?
    Same with iron?
  13. I thought they removed that idea a while ago?
  14. They removed the complete nerf, there is a nerf to get rid of a few Iron Farms. Most still work.
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  15. Alright, I have a real treat for you.

    Ignore the great beacon beam, direct your attention to the right. Red Sandstone. Now that you acknowledged that small change, let's go to the actual good change. The beacon beam. Dinnerbone has made it prettyful! Already ideas might be flowing through your head, specifically shop ideas. These ideas are great for those shops who rely on beacons for efficiency, you now have beacon beam colors for each section of your shop! Todd_Vinton will be hopefully using this.

    Back to the Red Sandstone, I do not know if it is just me but it seems like it is a different texture. It is most likely just me. Thank Dinnerbone

    Searge left a riddle telling us to guess what this is. Judging from the background, material, and the shape you can safely assume that it is not the Red Dragon or Herobrine. No, it is an armor stand. Maybe hovering over an armor piece on the stand pops up it's lore, name, or enchantments? Who knows! You can model heads on here too, head museums are expected to HEAD into this direction. Sorry, bad pun. But it would be cool to display the owner of a mall, or even supporter rank in the Tutorial with Armor or something.
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  16. Wow, this is awesome! I've wanted armor stands like that for soooo long, but I never thought they'd be actually implemented. 1.8 is bringing a lot of awesome little additions to us, so I'm pretty excited! :)
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  17. Me too! Whenever I use mods I think it'd be awesome to have armor stands and stuff in actual mc. And now it's gonna happen! These'll be greatly useful too, at least, for me.:D
  18. Perhaps apply for the Empire Blog once 1.9 is started? Lulz, they would never accept my kind. (You know, the 2sexy4blog kind?)

    This weeks snapshot continues to give us what we want! Well, sort of. First off, let me say that the Purple People have
    decided to join me in reviewing this snapshot!

    Armor stands were finally added and they look great! One thing that is not shown here, they can be spawned to have arms, no arms (in picture), small with no arms, and small with arms. A redditor posted a picture here!

    You might be finding these at shops as a way to display armor pieces that are for sale, or even showcase your own armor! In the end, everybody is happy about this beautiful addition.

    Red Sandstone was added, I like to think that they added it when I made my reddit post but who knows! The additions of sandstone is unlike the regular sandstone. Can you see the difference?

    Yup, the Wither is etched in the chiseled sandstone and it could not look better! These were added to support the Mesa Caves and such. And the best part is that if you pick-block these blocks, your game crashes! WHOOOO! I really cannot wait to see these used around the Empire.

    Here is the addition are I truly disappointed in - well, not that disappointed.

    Yes, colored beacons mixed. This will not be very good for shops who wish to use the beacon beams to symbolized different sections. On the other hand, I bet you can make some nice art out of them! These will with panes and the glass block.

    If EMC ever makes Capture the Flag or Control points, these beacon beams will surely help signify teams and it will look beautiful knowing our Build Team.
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  19. How would you guys Utilize the Armor Display? I can see Museums using them to display armor and staff heads.
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  20. Head museums, for sure. I might also use them in the window of a shop. And, of course, archery practice. :)
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