1.2.4 New items

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  1. hi, here is a new picture from the new update:
    whats new?:
    -3 more types of wooden planks
    -2 more types of sandstone

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  2. thats actually kinda awesome!
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  3. Nooo!

    I dont have room enough in my shop to sell 4 types of planks!

    I hate you MC team! -cry-
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  4. lol :p
  5. Im back in love with MC again :D

    Also, the 1.2.4 shows alot of bugfixings - Goooo BUKKIT devteam!
  6. didn't read that :)
  7. it would seem this update is larger than originally hinted at by Jeb XD, but with the introduction of new features and items this would mean we have to wait forever for a stable bukkit release.. but who knows, maybe the Bukkit Dev guys gave a good back door for them quickly develop it.
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  8. I know the MCP people are already fixing up their patches. I only ready the blog post update so far so I dont know but I hope the chat changes dont mess with my mod..
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  9. great, Now does smp7 have to be reset to allow new sandstone block generation?
  10. no
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  11. it was hard to get the full meaning of what you were saying there with your long in depth explanation.
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  12. I will say I am way more happier about the bug fixes than new stuff :) Nice to see them focusing on bugs not just rushing out a new animal or something (I give credit to the new Bukkit hires).
  13. next week 4 new kinds of chickens...
  14. so how will smp7 get the new sand stone if they do indeed need to be generated when the chunks are first loaded?

    They may not be, they might be crafted, not sure. just wondering i guess
  15. maybe only in creative :D
  16. probably similar to how previously chunk loaded items were made.. just explore new areas until it is found. Thanks to MC's vast oceans, generating sandstone chunks should not be to hard.
  17. They are crafted - not spawned.

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  19. how?
  20. there we go, worry dissolved
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