1.7 update overview

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Even when there are no snapshots yet, there are still many things revealed about the coming 1.7 update already.

    There are going to be more biomes, and the different biomes will be connected to each other in different ways, and it'll look more natural.

    There is going to be a clay canyon biome, with different shades of colored clay, of which mostly brown and yellow ones. Dead bushes do also spawn here. Hardened clay is not rare anymore.

    Second new biome: Redwood forest Biome. It consists of spruce trees, of with some with the width of a jungle tree, 2 x 2. It has a new block, called Podzol. It's like grass, but different. Only obtainable by silk-touch. There is also a new variant of dirt, with the damage value of 1, grass can't grow on it. Only obtainable by /give 607 3 64 1.
    Boulders of moss stone will be found, so moss stone gets a less rare. You can see mushrooms, a cave, big spruce trees, small trees, and moss stone boulders on the pic.
    A new technical biome, for who who does not know what thats means, those are things like beaches and rivers, things that can be found in/at the side of other biomes. This new one is the cliff.Spruce trees are spawning in extreme hill biomes, instead of only oak and birch. You can see them in this pic that was originally about the fixing of the stupid black spots: Parts, most of the time at places where the light can't easily get that are completely black. This looks way nicer, doesn't it?
    This is for the biomes, at least for now. I will post more later, don't have the time now. There is much more exitement left for 1.7! I'll try to continue posting more tomorrow
  2. Tip the waiter and stalk the rabbit!!
  3. There are things said about cherry trees, their leaves should change seasonal and they should drop pink saplings. There's not that much chance that it will be made though. Quote:@pgeuder@jeb_ You code it, we'll add it. New achievement is coming, and achievements will be saved per world, and per server, instead of per minecraft client.
    New, very detailed options for scoreboard commands will be added. On this pic you can see that practically everything can be tracked and put into scoreboards. Do not only think about blocks mined, used, crafted, and mobs killed, but also things like damage dealt and leaved game. Leaved game can be useful for servers when you want players to keep logged in, cause you can make it so that who has a leaved game score of 1, will be tp-ed elsewhere.There are more types of flowers coming. Sunflowers do always face east.Lavender, can also grow up to two blocks in height, can be seen here, in the pic where sunflowers were also in. You can also see something like tall grass, but 2 blocks high.
    The Pink Paeonia, the third new flower. It's... Well... Pink.Jeb said there are also going to be tulips, and variants on them. Options screens are going to be rewritten. This is an example, of the controls screen. Notice how there is a own button for sprint.And when you fall from high, you will see particle effects. It's not clear yet how it will work, but this is a picture.That's it for now, when there is more revealed, or maybe even the first snapshot, I'll try to make time and make a review.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the thread! :)
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  5. If key 'Left Control' is going to be occupied for sprinting, how will the developer of the Optifine mod solve this issue; the left control key is used to zoom-in? Also, left control is already used to combined with 'q' to drop the whole stack of an item.
    But in my opinion, I prefer double-tapping 'w' to sprint like the way it is in the 'Super Smash Bros.' series.
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  6. But...but...but!
    I don't want a world reset!!!!!!
  7. The only thing going to be reset will be the Wastelands, not the Frontier
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  8. Nice - I think they still need to add things for underwater only - and underwater mobs that will make things hard to get - like in the middle of the ocean have mobs you have to kill or sunken boats with chests or something.
  9. this is an awesome update!!
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  10. Hooray! New biomes! Thanks for the update! :D
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  11. You're right, I think this is only an example, though, and you can change the controls yourself. I do also hope there will be a way to keep with doubletap forward, cause in my opinion that's much, much better.
  12. Update: There are more new options coming, not clear what they are about. Dinnerbone said it will be super exciting, super, and exciting though.
    There are also many people who talk about skylands: It should be or a biome or a world type, like superflat and large biomes. I'm not really sure already if it is really coming, though.
  13. can't wait for new flowers. my garden will be so colourful :D
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  14. About the "skylands", they haven't been called the skylands, at least of now, but that's besides the point. They shouldn't be a biome for two reasons.

    1. There is NO good way to connect them to other biomes: Lots of people on the Minecraft subreddit say they should be a rare type of mountain biome, but no, they shouldn't, mostly as the skylands, are supposed to be in the sky, not just a few blocks off the ground how this would end up working.

    2. They would simply be suited to be a map type: Think about it, would you rather have a whole world made of floating islands which add a new level of difficulty to the game, or a small biome of them?
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  15. There used to be a mod called Aether or something, it was like a nether but for in the sky. Is that what you mean by map type? or Another type like superflat?

    I think having a new map with new mobs kind of like "heaven" as opposed to nether "hell" would be cool.
  16. I mean like superflat, as Notch originally wanted the skylands to be a new dimension, being the opposite of the Nether. I would like it as a worldtype or a dimension.
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  17. There are new biomes mentioned: Savannah, birch forest and blackforest. Also disco mountains are officially named Mesa as of now.
    Of every biome, including existing ones, will be variations, a example is that there will be a snowy and a non-snowy taiga. Maybe the birch forest also is a variation of the normal "forest".
    In the black forest it's very dark, cause the large trees and leaves won't let much light through, this way mobs will spawn way more easily.
    Oceans will be less large, so the problem of endless boating with now and then a mushroom island, but nothing aside that will be gone.
    Also the biomes and there neighbor-biomes will be more related to each other, think about a normal forest surrounded by birch forests, and beside that a non-snowy taiga. It will not happen anymore that you walk through a desert, and suddenly a jungle pops up in front of you.

    With that many information already, I doubt there will even be any snapshots, maybe they will just release 1.7 as a surprise and in the next months update to 1.7.1, 1.7.2, etc.

    And the last thing, two pictures about the biome changes:

  18. Good job on putting this information about 1.7 together im really excited for it, also I wonder if that community feature might have to do something with friends lists or capes
  19. Very Excited for this update :) hopefully this one won't be such a struggle for aikar in this update.
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