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  1. SO... while trying to help out someone with Minecraft issues I messed with the launchers, reset my settings, went over my profiles to verify all was well again and what do you know? Snapshot 17w43a has been released!

    The changes are subtle (at first glance mind you!), but there's a difference nonetheless...

    Loading terrain and preparing and all has been changed into loading spawn. Apparently Mojang doesn't want us to leave the spawn chunks anymore, which I think is a good idea because this will save some considerable memory!

    Ok, more serious... It still says loading terrain and building terrain but 'spawn' is also heavily mentioned.

    The first thing I noticed was that my resource pack failed to load (not uncommon) but as a result I also had no sound. None what so ever. Now (time of writing) after a reboot I still have no sound even though I disabled my resource pack and (this is the bizarre part): Minecraft is shown in my audio mixer. But leave it up to Mojang to break already working things :D

    I also noticed my keybindings getting messed up. It seems capslock is now equal to left shift (according to Minecraft). Not very useful, but this is why I have automated a (RAR) backup of my Minecraft settings before I start messing with snapshots.

    There aren't many notable changes... This is a scenery from my 'Snapworld' world:

    Selection of blocks on 17w43a

    ... except for one.

    They really spiced up their graphics engine. I'm not using the most powerful machine here, it's one of the reasons I resorted to using OptiFine. So here I am in a very nice world (see below) and I'm looking at a 115 FPS rate. When I switch to full screen then that switch is instantaneous. That also never worked like that with the current versions, I always had to wait for a switch.

    My current 'snapworld'

    Just for comparison: if I'm walking around in my redstone world with OptiFine and no resource pack then I'm usually looking at 40 - 50 FPS.

    So most changes in this snapshot are shown 'behind the screens', and some aren't always for the better in my opinion.

    It starts with the world save folder, this now has an extra sub-folder called 'datapacks'. This is the area where we now need to place our custom advancements, loot tables and functions. So no more 'misuse' of the data folder (which I think makes perfect sense).

    Then there's also a folder called "generated", and I'm not too happy with that. This is where saved structures will be stored (from structure blocks).

    This used to be: structures. So if you saved a structure you'd find it in 'structures'. Couldn't be easier.

    But that has now been moved to: generated\structures\minecraft. It has more structure (no pun intended) but also makes it harder to find your exported stuff again which is less fun.

    Still... It does make me wonder what else could be (automatically?) generated by Minecraft in the future.

    And those are my first snapshot impressions. It's a silent experience (no sound what so ever) but the severely enhanced graphics (higher FPS) definitely looks promising to me!
  2. ngl minecraft got old after 1.7
  3. Mojang wants all of us to be aware that this update will NOT be a typical content update. Minecraft Java 1.13 is a technical update. Regular "feature creeps", as Dinnerbone put it on Twitter, will return in 1.14, which is already in development.

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  4. Actually, that frame-rate thing doesn't seem to be the case with me. It may be just lower end systems however. I did some bench-marking with Fraps, and I got this...

    1.13 Snapshot
    Min, Max, Avg
    54, 361, 189.439

    1.12.2 Release
    Min, Max, Avg
    65, 431, 224.892


    System Specs:
    • 4820k @ 4.5gHz
    • 390x @ 1060mHz
    • 16gb 1600mHz DDR3 - 4 Sticks in a Quad Channel Setup
    • Game running off a WD Black (64MB Cache)

    Before I rant, one thing I noticed is that the 1.13 Snapshot had some pretty big chunk rendering errors, where chunks just wouldn't render until I got insanely close. Version 1.12 had this too, except it was on a much, much smaller scale (1-2 chunks here and there, which may have just been due to the 32 chunk render distance which has always been finicky).

    To test this I tossed my render distance at 32 chunks, and set VBOs On, VSync off, Frame-rate lock set to unlimited. Fancy Graphics/Clouds. The game was given 4GB of ram with the default 256mb xms argument. I flew up about 105~ blocks in to the air and flew in a direct line South with the seed "noob". I made sure both worlds were the same before doing this by spinning around both times when the world was finished generating (I did not move during this spin). Another thing to note was that there was a village generated that I flew by.

    I honestly can't understand the massive difference between these results, but if you guys want I can do more in depth testing to possibly figure it out.
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  5. Can't sleep well right now, might even write up a rant later, but...

    Latest snapshot has arrived: 17w45b.

    It most certainly has more impact than previous snapshots because it seriously messes up your game. For starters: expect all your keybindings to go p00f if you switch back. Heck, it's the one version some of my friends refuse to touch because of said impact and intrusion.

    Can't say I blame 'm, but... it does look like an interesting update nonetheless:

    Though I do admit that this seriously sparks a love/hate kind of trigger from me. On one hand it may seem that this makes things eaiser on us, but don't let that fool you. Easier doesn't necessarily mean better, and in some cases it honestly isn't. I mean.. piston bug anyone? What if the system would have caught up with that and prevented its use from the getgo? Then we wouldn't have gotten hold of so many awesome piston doors, that's for sure!

    Anyway, there's still tons missing from this version but it gets interesting nonetheless:

    In the old days (= right now) you dump advancements into your data folder ($save/data), in the new setup this is restricted to so called 'datapacks' only, and I suppose it makes sense. So all your custom stuff now goes under 'datapacks'. So:

    databases / <name of pack> / data / <type> / <stuff>

    ... where 'name' is an optional custom name, and type can be something in the likes of:
    • advancements - the new 'hot' badges which you can earn yet which can do tons more.
    • functions - the "out of the game" counterpart of command blocks.
    • loot_tables - if you want a mob to drop specific items then this is the place to look.
    • structures - generated from the 'structure blocks', if you wish to load something then it should go in here.
    Some of this makes sense (grouping advancements together with functions and loot tables) but other changes not so much. I mean...
    If I have a build which I want to copy across worlds then I used to export that using a structure block, then dump the '*.nbt' file into the structures folder of my other world and I could load it.
    Now they expect you to make a datapack. Which by itself isn't too bad, if it wasn't for the obligatory descriptor file:
    "pack": {
    "pack_format": 1,
    "description": "Catslair stuff"
    So instead of merely copying a structures file onto a new world's "structures" folder you're now expected to do this:

    • Make a folder in "datapacks", give it a custom name.
      • Add a .mcmeta file into this folder which the right properties (see above).
    • Add a data subfolder.
    • Add another custom folder with a custom name, this one will be the "namespace".
    • Add a 'structures' folder.
    • Finally... add your structures file.
    It makes sense, somewhat, but what happened to user friendliness? I mean... this is what I do now:

    • Make a 'structures' folder in my world save if it isn't already there.
    • Dump my structure file(s) into it.
    And I'm done.

    Fortunately for us structures are saved / exported in the: generated/structures folder, but players aren't supposed to use that place. Yeah right!

    Dumping my structures file into a certain place vs. all the hassle mentioned above? Sometimes Mojang seems either hilariously funny to me or totally clueless about how things work in the real world of players who actually, you know, play their game.

    A flaw which is common for more people who roll / fall into a certain position; they totally lose focus on what a others have to cope with yet still think they're fully in touch with the whole thing. I even see it happening here on EMC, especially regarding new(er) players.


    Back on topic more changes in this particular snapshot... the way horses look:

    This one is a little bit messed up (not sure what caused it) but if you look closely you'll notice that its head is no longer straight but has a larger area (the head) and a smaller one (the snout) which isn't exactly correct when looking at real horses. One could argue that they made horses look less realistic than they did before.

    Not sure why they chose to do this, but I assume there's a good reasoning behind it (?).

    So yeah, further first impressions. I'm not sure what to make of all this.

    On one hand it seems logical, but on the other they're also introducing changes which seriously make little sense or which affect the gameplay in a seriously negative way.

    However... do keep in mind that these are mere snapshots so nothing is carved out in stone right now.
  6. Man that is one messed up horse! :O
  7. It looks like you're using a texture pack, so the horse bug was likely caused because they use a new model, which your texture pack doesn't have. It's probably trying to use the older one which is breaking it.
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  8. Sure, but Shell was commenting on the new model.

    I actually missed this topic, until now... apparently I don't go through your threads frequently anymore, Shell! :p
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  9. The new horse model has one of highest percentages of backlash out of anything I have ever seen with this game. It's equivalent the public response toward Metroid Prime Federation Force. Practically everywhere you go on the Internet about Minecraft, people are against Mojang's horse model, r/minecraft in particular. It appears that a number of fans believe this one change, in a snapshot, developmental, non-finalized version of Minecraft will ruin the entire game for its eternity. Same thing happened when iron and gold farms were nerfed in and only in one 1.8 snapshot.

    But Jeb made a mature response on the community's feedback (Twitter). Replying assertively and thankfully is one of the best things he could do at this very moment. The horse model will change again, maybe multiple times.
    This Reddit user found out the problem with the MC horses' newest appearance.
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  10. So yeah, while doing research for the Minecraft wiki (and some general re-reading and spell checking) I came across some interesting information about features which are to come in Minecraft.

    The ocean is going to get a whole lot bigger. People often complained how the ocean is pretty empty in comparison to the pretty filled landscapes, and Mojang are going to work on this:
    • Placing magma on the ocean surface will generate bubble columns, which will affect you when you swim through those. From what I hear you'll fall right through it as if it was a giant hole. Rumor has it that magma might also generate naturally in the overworld (ocean floor) so generating these "bubble holes".
    • A new weapon: the trident. It can be used as a melee weapon or a ranged weapon. When you add a certain enchant the weapon will return to your hand after throwing it, OR it can act as an ender pearl; so teleporting you alongside with it.
    • Kelp. A new plant which grows on the sea floor. It actually has an animated view.
    • Fish and coral. All the fish you can get by fishing will actually be swimming in the water. You'll also be able to pick them up using a bucket of water. Coral is comparable (somewhat) to Chorus, those are (colored) blocks which appear in the oceans.
    • Shipwrecks... A new generated structure, in the seas/oceans.
    • Icebergs... Frozen areas (ice and such) will now also generate icebergs. So basically small structures made out of ice and snow.
    • Dolphins are said to be a new mob. They'll swim in the ocean, come find you when you're sailing along and occassionally jump out of the water.
    Speaking of which.... Water mechanics will also change: water will no longer be blocked by a transparent block. So fences, ladders, signs, doors, etc. will no longer block water.

    Rumor has it that we can expect the new version to come out in 2018.
  11. im excited for the update aquatic (1.12) specifically the water bubble and maga effects :D

    and moob B was voted in "the creature of the night skies"
  12. So I found something else just now:

    This is rumored to become a thing in 1.13, which seems quite exciting to me as well.
  13. The dark oak one looks like a chocolate bar haha. I've wanted more trapdoor variations for so long.....
  14. Chocolate bars in minecraft! :D
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  15. Ooh.... You could make some cute gingerbread houses and stuff out of that haha
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  16. If that would be a thing, that would just be amazing for building, I mainly really like thhe spruce trapdoors, just the amount of thhings that are possible with doing that (I am, for my singleplayer projects, using a texturepacck that changes normal trapdoors to oak trapdoors) I have used it beforre, and it rreally is amazing.
    next to that, I usually use buttons for deccoration on buildings, milti-coloured ones would come out really well.
    Lastly, the pressure plates... When I make oak floors, I tend to just place a few pressure plates to make it be a little more detailed, with those, we can make that happen with all wooden floors, that would be amazing aswell :D
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  17. The dolphins are cute!!! :D
  18. An ender pearl? Did Jens say that? From what he said, I can't hear that... it gives you a boost in the direction, but that's not teleporting. I mean, you can't use an ender pearl to 'jump like a dolphin', as its teleporting is abrupt.
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  19. It also seems like people misunderstood something. The update aquatic will most-likely me 1.14, not 1.13, 1.13 is a technical update that changes the way minecraft works and the way commands work, 1.14 is the update with Jappa's textures and water mechanics.
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